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Pop-Up Spaces in the Spotlight: How This Bishop Arts Shop Stands Out

The Bishop Arts District in Dallas is one of our favorite spots for catching up with friends, seeing innovative creators and entrepreneurs, and browsing the latest inspirational designs. The Petite Saison pop-up retail space is one of the newest additions to this vibrant district, and the design choices using tile, bold colors, and coordinating accessories […]

The Difference Between Normal Zellige and Thin Zellige Tile

Pro designers and DIYers love Zellige tile for its timeless Old World charm and versatility. From stacking tiles declaring a shower wall statement to staggering them for a bold kitchen backsplash, part of the individually handcrafted Moroccan tiles’ enduring appeal is how they fit multiple home styles and applications. If you’ve seen both variations, you […]

Celebrate Spring in Your Next Reno Project with These 5 Tiles

Spring ushers in warm breezes, longer days, and a kaleidoscope of colorful blossoms. With nature in full bloom, there is no better time for a DIY project featuring tile colors that celebrate the vibrant season.  Whether you want to refresh your bathroom tile colors or create a stunning backsplash, Riad Tile, a leading tile store […]

Zellige Could Be the Answer to Your Shower Tile Upgrade

Is it time for a bathroom overhaul? Updating your shower tile is a great way to impact the space significantly, and you don’t need an extensive design plan to create a look you love. Zellige tile is one of the best options in shower remodels since it’s versatile, unique, and sturdy. Based on the stunning […]

4 Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Tile Pairing in Any Space

A new home design project is always exciting, and choosing the perfect tile pairing is one of our favorite parts. As you shop for tile in Dallas, consider these questions: What personal items do you want to highlight in the space? What feelings would you like your guests to have as they enter the room? […]

How to Mix and Match Tile for a Spectacular DIY Result

Rooms with a simple, uniform look have their place, but adding some personality to renovation projects is more fun. Using tile is a great way to choose quality materials without compromising style. There are almost endless possibilities for design enthusiasts when you’re not afraid to mix and match your tile options. Mix and Match Colors […]

Make Your One-of-a-kind Tile Floors Shine with These Cleaning Tips

Beautiful tile flooring can make for an inspired addition to your home, but it may also involve special upkeep.  Your cleaning method will look different depending on your choice of tile, but a few rules work well for any tile floor. Regularly sweep or dust mop as general upkeep. You’ll also want to do this […]

Hop into Spring with a Unique Tile Upgrade for Your Home

Does your home need a spring renovation? Look at some of our favorite eccentric springtime tile renovations if you need inspiration. From showers to indoor porches, these featured projects used Riad tile to upgrade their own homes just in time for spring.  Terrazzo Showers @_camp_emma_’s A-frame cabin on Cedar Creek Lake is a lovely example […]

Springtime Is Calling for a Brand New Outdoor Tile Project

As the days get warmer, an outdoor lounge space is becoming a necessity. Fortunately, outdoor tile projects are the perfect way to kick-start your spring. Outdoor tiles are a fantastic addition to give your home a unique aesthetic. From patios to pools to outdoor bars, our selection of cement and Zellige tiles is the best […]

Choosing the Right Tile for Your DIY Backsplash Project

Backsplash is a commonly overlooked art. It’s both beautiful and practical, providing protection to walls from messes and spills while also providing a distinct backdrop that can tie together any space. With so many colors and sizes to choose from, starting a backsplash project can be challenging. Fortunately, Riad Tile’s Zellige tiles are a great […]

6 Outstanding Bathrooms to Inspire a Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is likely where you start and end your day — but is yours sparking delight? A well-designed bathroom suite can truly serve as a fully encapsulated staycation, where you don’t even have to leave home for a restorative reprieve. Gorgeous, inspired, and relaxing, these six stellar spaces have recently brought us joy, so […]

Trendy Tile in a Hip Comfort-Food Spot? Inside DIG Brooklyn and Its Zellige Interior

Have you ever wondered about the design story behind your favorite public spaces? The new Brooklyn location for popular seasonal comfort food experts DIG features checkered Zellige tile walls that bring some fresh fun to the restaurant’s newest spot. It might be the right time to incorporate this style into our own designs a little […]

Beyond Backsplashes: Tile Revamp Ideas for Walls, Floors, and More

Is your home stuck in a time warp with outdated and worn-out tiles? It may be time to dig out the sledgehammer and give your space the makeover it deserves. If you need a little inspiration, we’re spotlighting our favorite tile revamps created by our customers to help you visualize how Riad Tile can transform […]

Artist Spotlight: Using Tile to Make the Perfect Guest Room Table

Highlighting designers who use Riad tile is one of our favorite ways to share inspiration with the community. Whether it’s a creative pattern on the floor or a bold use of marble in the master suite, we always find something new to add to our dream project list. This time, our creative juices are flowing […]

Infuse Coziness into Your Living Space with Riad’s Warm Tiles

Winter is often associated with darker days and longer nights. As the winter chill sets in, there’s nothing quite like returning to a comfy and inviting home. One way to achieve this coziness is by incorporating Riad’s warm-colored tiles into your living space. Counteract the gloominess of winter by introducing a burst of color into […]

Bring the Outdoors in with Zellige Tiles

Have you ever set foot in a space adorned with Zellige tiles? It’s like stepping barefoot onto a sun-drenched Moroccan courtyard. Their unique imperfections and handcrafted nature create a raw and rustic aesthetic, achieving a natural, organic vibe that invites warmth and connection to the earth. The irregular edges, divots, and rough surface of Zellige […]

Designer Uses a Few Expert Tile Choices to Transform a Laundry Room

If you ask most people, the laundry room is a place for chores, stress, and cleaning products. Could it be something more? Designer Jaclyn Marie (@jaclynmari_) certainly thought so, and she proved it with this stunning laundry room transformation. From her use of neutral colors to her clever tile choices, this renovation is a beautiful […]

Top 10 Tile Transformations for 2024: Riad’s Tile Extravaganza

Dive into the world of tile-tastic adventures as we explore the top projects to turn your space into a haven of style and flair in 2024! From bathroom bliss to fireside elegance, get ready to unleash your inner DIY guru and let the tile transformation begin! Bathroom Bliss Turn dull accent walls into dazzling masterpieces […]

Creating a Cozy Winter Retreat with Dark Tile Tones

In winter, the days grow shorter, the air becomes crisper, and melancholy fills the atmosphere. It’s a time for crackling fires, steaming mugs, and curling up with a good book in a space that reflects the season’s unique beauty and moodiness. And what better way to capture that wintry feeling than by using dark, richly […]

4 Zellige Tile Looks to Copy This Year

While 2024 is ushering in a renewed love affair with bold tile hues and graphic tile patterns (link to 2024 trends blog), we will always continue to swoon over the transfixing power of neutrals — especially when they come in the form of beautifully imperfect Zellige tile and all its artisanal glory. Because Zellige tile […]

Tile Trends to Watch for 2024

When it comes to interior design trends, tile is an exciting material to watch because it’s so versatile. It serves a functional purpose in the home and adds visual allure to counters, backsplashes, floors, showers, fireplaces, and more. Its uses are delightfully unlimited, especially as tile continues to evolve over time — with an incredible […]

3 Bold & Beautiful Checkerboard Tile Transformations

While a checkerboard pattern may evoke images of Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland,” these black and white squares aren’t just for whimsical table settings or outdated kitchen floors. Within the past few years, checkerboard tile designs have transitioned from retro kitchens and vintage bathrooms to cutting-edge modern spaces. Don’t believe us? Let our customers […]

The Simple Brilliance of Riad’s New White Zellige Mosaics

It’s the season of celebrations, and we’re thrilled to add a new Zellige tile to our collection, just in time for some end-of-year design planning for a 2024 refresh. These snow and natural white mosaics feature triangle and trapezoid patterns that add a perfect amount of complexity and fun to the homemade, warm feeling we […]

Go with the Glow: How Designer Ashley Okazaki Uses Natural White Zellige to Amplify the Light

There are many beautiful things about Zellige tile — not the least of which is how it radiates under sunlight. It’s one of the reasons that designers like Ashley Okazaki (you can find her at @ashleyokazaki_interiors) use this traditional and beautiful, handcrafted Moroccan tile across many spaces, including kitchens bathed in natural light.  Tile Interior […]

Heavenly Showers Worth Highlighting This Holiday Season

Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces. They have evolved into luxurious retreats where design and functionality seamlessly merge. Transform your daily routine into a festive ritual as you immerse yourself in the luxury of these heavenly showers. Our products’ timeless elegance and intricate designs seamlessly align with the spirit of the holidays, offering a […]

Kitchen Makeover Must-Sees: Inspiring Ideas for Your Home

At Riad Tile, we love spotlighting our customers’ beautiful DIY designs and showcasing the transformations they could achieve with our handcrafted tiles. Today, we’re focusing on the heart of the home: the kitchen. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for fresh ideas, an interior designer seeking inspiration, or a renovation company on the lookout for quality […]

Stunning Tile to Inspire Our Red and Green Holidays

The holiday season is here, and we spend most of our time with friends, family, and good food. To get into the festive spirit, we’ve set aside some extra time to decorate. Every surface, from kitchen tables to bathroom mirrors, can use a holiday glow-up, and we love the red and green colors of the […]

Our Zellige Tile at DIG Restaurant is a Feast for the Eyes

East Coast food darling DIG restaurant is known for seasonal scratch cooking, with everything from Avo Grain Bowls to Maple Cider Chicken, Spicy Lime Leaf Salmon, and so much more on the menu. But they’re also known for their yummy style to go along with their delicious plates. Kaper Design Co.’s Katie Perkins is responsible […]

The Right Tile for the Right Vibes: Creative Uses for Tile in Commercial Design

Tile design for commercial spaces must pull double duty: it must be functional and visually appealing. Choosing the right tile can make all the difference for businesses that want to make that perfect first impression. We’re amazed at how easy it is to set the tone for a venue and create a memorable atmosphere, all […]

Elevate Your Thanksgiving Decor with These 7 Kitchen Tile Ideas

There’s a cornucopia of ways to create a warm, inviting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration that’s well-suited for delicious spreads of all kinds. But, undoubtedly, our favorite way to amplify your Thanksgiving kitchen décor is with delicious kitchen tile. Whether you’re passing around cocktails to guests, cozying up to a cup of hot cocoa, bonding over […]

Get Creative with Zellige Tile: Inspirational Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking to transform the look of your space, consider using Zellige, a beautiful and intricate tile style that originated in Fez, Morocco. Known for their vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and handcrafted details, Zellige can add character and personality to any room, whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, a bathroom accent wall, or a fireplace […]

A History of Moroccan Tile and its Enduring Design Appeal

The Old-World charm of Morocco tile and Mediterranean tile remains timeless. While other design trends come and go, artisans continue to handcraft these stunning encaustic cement tiles just as their predecessors did back in 711 A.D., one tile at a time. There’s something special about the enduring art form of Zellige tile in a fast-paced, […]

Our Rouge Zellige Tile Helped Designer Alexandra Gater Transform a Tiny Kitchen

We’ve seen our tile installed in almost every space imaginable, from rustic country cabins to luxurious high-rise baths, but designer Alexandra Gater’s (@alexandragater) recent tiny kitchen makeover might be the boldest use of tile in a small space we’ve encountered yet. Add in the fact that she transformed this room for a beloved friend and […]

This Kitchen Finds its ‘Happily Ever After’ with Snow White Zellige Tile

DIY darling Kayla Cummings — @itshoneydone — is all about the before and after. She takes that which is lackluster and transforms it into something lovely with do-it-yourself hacks and innovative design tips. One of her latest projects is a kitchen that she’s ushered out of the dated ’90s, reimagining it with a fresh, modern […]

Riad Tile’s Zellige Tile Collection Named Finalist in D Home Visionary Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that Riad Tile has been named a finalist for the prestigious D Home Visionary Awards! This recognition puts Riad Tile at the forefront of Dallas’ design and architectural community and beyond. It validates our team’s hard work and commitment to offering customers creative and innovative tile solutions to transform their houses […]

Use These Tiles to Create the Colorful Look of Autumn

It’s no surprise that fall is so many people’s favorite season. It’s a beautiful time to revel in crisp air, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and a gorgeous array of gold, orange, maroon, and green leaves. And it’s fun to hike, bike, or drive through scenic parks and highways to see nature’s stunning visual display […]

Using Tile in Your Bathroom Reno: Thinking Beyond the Basics

Bathroom renovations are one of the most common home projects, and for a genuinely stunning remodel, your tile choices will make all the difference. Rather than just using a standard tile placement in the shower, get creative with your use of tile colors and patterns to influence the size and feel of the entire room. […]

Create a Moody Space with These Dark, Dramatic Tiles

Our homes reflect our needs and personalities, so when you notice a new design trend speaking to your inner self, embrace the inspiration. Lately, we’ve been loving all of the dark, moody tile designs that give homes a dramatic feel. Envelop a Small Space With a moody tile look, one of the best pieces of […]

How a Strategically Random Zellige Tile Backsplash Transformed This Kitchenette

If there’s one thing we love here at Riad Tile, it’s seeing our customers’ creativity and unique design choices come to life in their homes. One recent project that really caught our eye is a kitchenette renovation featuring our Snow and Steel Grey Zellige tile.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared […]

4 Ways to Harness the Lavish Look of Tile

We’re always looking for interior design tips for wealthy, luxurious interiors that can purposefully incorporate tile. Some of our favorites lately showcase just how versatile tile can be when it comes to creating a lavish look. Overflowing with Style Sometimes, abundance is one of the easiest ways to achieve a lavish design. Rather than having […]

This Bathroom Transformation Used Groovy Terracotta to Create a Warm Glow

At Riad Tile, we love highlighting the creative ways our customers incorporate our products into their homes. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on a customer who combined our Groovy Terracotta ceramic tile and Natural White Zelige to create a unique mid-century-inspired bathroom remodel.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by […]

3 Design Tips to Help You Pair Tile with Your Room’s Décor

Tile isn’t just a functional part of your space — it also greatly influences the design feel. Finding the perfect match can be challenging when you’re trying to pair tile with other choices (like that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing for years). Fortunately, the most inspirational designs don’t just come from rooms where everything […]

Our Pink-Hued Blush Zellige Tile Adds a Pop of Color to Your Home

Blush pink is an underrated color to play up in the home. It’s soft and warm in the summer, like the day’s heat. But in the fall, it seems dustier than usual, not unlike the colorful leaves outside, slowly losing their colors by the end of the season. Come Valentine’s Day, pink keeps you warm […]

5 Tips for Adding Pattern and Flair to Your Space with Tile

Installing tile injects a wow factor into your design scheme and is an easy way to add pattern and excitement to any space. Be sure to think beyond the kitchen and bathroom, too. There are many unique ways to use tile to accentuate an area and create a focal point. If you’re ready to get […]

It’s a Barbie World: 4 Ideas for a Barbie Dream House Interior

It’s been the summer of Barbie, and life in plastic has suddenly become very, very fantastic. A box office darling, the Margot Robbie-led Barbie flick has stirred up unprecedented pink mania for Mattel’s doll that initially made her big debut in 1959 — not that she looks a day over 19.  Every brand from Béis […]

Dark and Light: Using Contrasting Colors to Make a Room Pop

Rooms aren’t just for living in — they’re for showing off your personal style! Experimenting with different combinations of tile, flooring, and fixtures is one of our favorite ways to find the perfect balance of functionality and personality. Designing with a mix of contrasting tones, lights, and darks is one trend that keeps popping up […]

4 Beautiful Ways Tile Elevated Outdoor Spaces

We most often see tile on bathroom floors and kitchen backsplashes in a home. But some of our favorite ways to use tile are in outside spaces, too! From patios to pools, outdoor tile makes a statement in any backyard.  Zellige tile is a perfect, durable option for the outdoors. The hand-crafted Moroccan tiles vary […]

Shower Secrets: How to Luxe Up Your Walk-In With Tile

While those glorious soaking tubs often steal the show when setting the spa-inspired scene in a bathroom, vertical baths — a.k.a. showers — can be just as luxurious and leisurely. Showers can run the gamut in aesthetics and costs, but you don’t have to break the bank to level up to a luxe space. Zellige […]

Tile Projects That Will Inspire Your Summer Renovations

Summer is the perfect time to reimagine your home and start a reno project that’ll make the winter months cozier and more enjoyable. And what better way to transform your space than with the timeless beauty of tile? Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen backsplash, create a bold and bright accent wall, or refresh […]

How Julia Arceri Used Our Snow Zellige in a Chic Kitchen Transformation

Interior designer Julia Arceri has transformed nearly every room in her home. She consistently assigns herself renovation and organization projects that give her house’s living room, dining room, and bedrooms an air of moodiness with European design elements.  Julia’s kitchen didn’t fit the theme. The white cabinets with small gray and white backsplash tiles brightened […]

How to Mix and Match Tiles to Create Stunning Interior Spaces

With so many different tile materials, shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors available, the décor options are endless. But is it okay to use different kinds of tile like cement tile, ceramic tile, and Zellige tile throughout your home? How about in the same room? The short answer is, yes.   View this post on Instagram […]

Practical, Pretty, and Playful: Using Tile as Wedding Décor

We all have ideas for using tile in our upcoming home renovations, but we’re always looking for innovative ways to highlight tile’s versatility. The new wedding décor trend featuring tile as a centerpiece, backdrop, and even keepsake excites us for the possibilities. Add Personality to Your Table Décor Unique table décor is an integral part […]

5 Tile Design Tricks to Apply the Wes Anderson Filter at Home

Welcome to the wild, wild Wes. The recent premiere of Asteroid Landing, director Wes Anderson’s latest jewel in his cinematic crown, has us obsessing anew over his distinctive aesthetic that is nothing short of a total vibe. Rich and fanciful, the Wes-iverse is always color-saturated and delightfully symmetrical, with razor-sharp attention to detail. And Asteroid […]

Renovation Spotlight: How Natural White Zellige Spiced Up Chrissy M’s Kitchen

Using tile in the kitchen is a popular choice, but it’s not every day that we see innovative installations. Designer and home décor inspiration Chrissy Melin recently revealed her kitchen renovation on Instagram, and we couldn’t be more in love.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Christine Melin | Design […]

How Tile Transforms Your Archways into Stunning Focal Points

Archways have long been recognized as a beautiful architectural element that adds elegance and character to any space. Their graceful curves and flowing lines create a sense of grandeur and intrigue, seamlessly connecting one area of a home to another. However, while archways possess inherent beauty, they often lack the tactile and visual interest to […]

Should You Grout Zellige Tile? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re installing Zellige tile, you probably love its rustic Old-World charm. To achieve its timeless look, artisans handcraft each Moroccan tile one at a time — so no two tiles are ever the same. The painstaking creative process produces slight color and size variations, along with small pits, cracks, and uneven edges that give […]

Taking Tile Inspiration from Morrissey Home’s Bathroom Designs

We love working with local clients who share a passion for designing spaces that spark joy. Shayne Morrissey, the founder of Morrissey Home, is a standout among Texas designers. He started Morrissey Home in 2015 to bring exceptional living spaces to the Dallas area and has been impressing clients and journalists ever since. We’re always […]

Shelves and Tile: Ideas for This Tried-and-True Combination

There are many places to put your belongings in your home. But if you’re a collector or have aesthetically pleasing keepsakes, you probably want to show them off rather than hide them away in storage. That’s where shelves come in! Shelves are perfect for any room, whether they hold books and knick-knacks in a common […]

Mudroom Makeovers: Adding a Dash of Style with Tile

Mudrooms have traditionally been functional spaces reserved for messy children and laundry rather than shown off to guests. Mudroom tiles must be practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Many recent design upgrades are turning mudrooms into impressive spaces, and the tile just happens to take center stage in many of the best […]

Color Scheme Ideas for White Zellige Tile

Installing new tiles can be a stressful decision when there are so many shapes, styles and colors to choose from. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, try pairing classic, white Zellige tile with any number of other colors in a room. Our authentic Zellige tile is sourced from the Fez region of […]

4 Stunning Shower Tile Looks to Spark Your Creativity

When we think about some of our favorite tile upgrades in home projects, shower tile installations always pop to the top of the list. Tile in a small space requires it to meet both functional and aesthetic goals, so shower tile has a significant role in making a bathroom remodel shine. Some of the best […]

Bring Retro Charm Into Your Space with Our Sea Green Zellige Tile

If you want to add retro charm to your home or outdoor space, look no further than Riad’s Sea Green Zellige tile. This unique tile option is perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and vintage flair to your home renovation project. Let’s look closer at how you can integrate Sea Green Zellige tile and […]

How One Design Pro Transformed a Tiny Bathroom with Zellige

Transforming a worn-out space comes with its challenges, but that’s nothing that real estate investment firm @flip_socal can’t handle. With dozens of projects under her belt, Amanda Steinwand knows that quality materials and an eye for detail can make all the difference.  We love her recent bathroom transformation that shows how a small, dated space […]

Get Your Color On with These Trendy Summer Tiles

Summer is here, which means days last longer, and hectic schedules often slow down. Installing colorful tiles is one way to celebrate the warm, sunny weather and brighten indoor and outdoor spaces. Riad Tile offers a wide array of tile colors to suit multiple applications. Check out these stunning summer tile selections for fun color […]

3 Ways Tile Added Life to the Fireplace

Many designers and homeowners want to upgrade their fireplaces, but choosing a style can be daunting. This home feature is often the center of your living room, visible from across the house, so design decisions make a significant impact. Whether starting with brick, tile, cement or even wood paneling, a fireplace tile upgrade is the […]

Our Zellige and Terracotta Tile Shine in This Tiny Home Gem

Turning shipping containers into tiny homes, retreats and office spaces is a trend that’s likely here to stay. With a small footprint, the construction and design costs are much lower than a traditional house, and the portability means you can choose the perfect location for your project’s final home. The creative minds at @thetxcollective have […]

Tackle Your Tile Planning with This Guide

Getting that first seed of inspiration for a home renovation project is fun and exciting. If you know you want to use tile, that’s one big decision down — and you’re not alone in your choice. Tile is popular for a room refresh because the endless combinations of textures, colors and patterns can fully transform […]

Pros and Cons of Painting Tile: Here’s What to Know

If your bathroom or kitchen tile looks outdated or dingy, painting it is an economical refresh option. Painting over tiles you already have is less work than ripping them out and installing new tiles. The question is, can you paint tile? If yes, how much work is involved? Before you try, here’s everything you need […]

Kitchen Upgrades Showcasing Stunning Zellige Tile Designs

If you love to cook, odds are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, kitchens can quickly become spaces for people to create recipes and sustain themselves with good food.  But the kitchen has much more purpose than its implicit function of feeding a household. For example, people […]

Musician Brodie Jenkins Used Natural White Zellige to Create a Heavenly Arched Shower

Brodie Jenkins is a musician based out of Berkeley, California, who shares her love of design and her home renovation journey on Instagram at @enchantedberkeley. And “enchanting” is just the word to describe her French Norman-style home, which is full of natural light and elegant yet rustic touches.    View this post on Instagram   […]

Hot Summer Tile Trends to Help Your Space Sizzle

Warm, sunny weather inspires creativity, and designers and DIYers can’t wait to explore summer tile trends to transform a space. From the laundry room to the master bath to the kitchen and beyond, the best summer tiles will brighten up your home. To stay in step with tile trends 2023, use mosaics, hexagons, Terrazzo, and […]

Riad Co-Owner Dives into Zellige’s Timeless Appeal in Southern Living

Zellige tile has a timeless look and trendy appeal that will likely stick around for a long time.  Zellige’s tile’s stylish staying power was the primary topic of discussion in a recent Southern Living article featuring Riad Tile co-owner and Gilded Heights interior designer Aubrey Butcher. “I really don’t see it as material going away […]

9 Bathroom Tile Renovations Inspiring Us This Spring

If you’re considering an upcoming bathroom renovation, there’s an excellent chance bathroom tile will factor into your plans.  Tile is among the most functional and durable surface materials in interior design. Given the amount of water and wear our bathrooms endure, it’s worth choosing the highest possible quality tile you can.  In addition to being […]

Get Inspired by These Checkerboard Floor Standouts

Classics always make a comeback, and checkerboard floors are enjoying some time back in the spotlight. This design style has been a popular choice off and on since Egyptian elites chose the pattern for their floors — and with good reason!  The checkerboard pattern is versatile in its color, placement, size, and ability to seamlessly […]

Inside Tips for Installing Zellige Tile

Design trends constantly change. So, how do you keep up with current styles and create a timeless look? Zellige tile is a popular classic décor choice. Artisans make each of Riad Tile’s glazed terracotta Moroccan tiles by hand, one at a time. That means no two tiles are ever the same. Each unique finished product […]

Customer Spotlight: Black Zellige Tile Was the Secret Weapon for This Kitchen Upgrade

Recently, we were thrilled to see the kitchen transformation that our repeat customers Chayce and Hannah of Home Design with Chayce and Hannah posted on their Instagram. Their stunning new minimalist-chic kitchen features Riad Tile’s glazed Black Zellige along the backsplash and other surface upgrades across the rest of the room.    View this post […]

What to Expect from Riad Tile’s Delivery Process

Riad Tile’s exceptional tile delivery process allows you to track your delivery date, ensure your tiles aren’t damaged, and enjoy our customer-friendly staff to support you along the way!  To ensure your order arrives as smoothly as possible, read on to learn what you can expect with our curbside delivery process. Tile Delivery Methods Once […]

A Complete Guide to Picking Your New Bathroom Tile

Choosing tile for your bathroom renovation is exciting, but all those options might make it feel overwhelming. How do you know what tile color, size, material and pattern is right for your space? Don’t stress! This guide explains how to pick out your new bathroom tile with renovation examples featuring some popular tiles. Set a […]

3 Unique Twists on Tile to Transform Utility Rooms

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are the ultimate utility players in a home, meaning they sometimes don’t get the kind of design attention that’s typically showered on spaces like kitchens, baths, and bedrooms. But that doesn’t mean that these rooms have to be the afterthought. Function AND form can come together in these spaces, and tile […]

Dramatic to Serene: 10 of Our Favorite Uses of White Tiles

There’s a reason white tile is eternally in style. It creates a blank slate against which you can create anything from a colorful maximalist escape to the bright, all-white monochrome look that works so well in modern bathrooms and kitchens.  White tile—whether it’s cement tile, Zellige tile, Casablanca Carrara or handmade tile—is also highly versatile. […]

How Tiles Can Add Focus and Style to Your Room

Updating your home is a labor of love. So many design choices influence how a space feels for you and your guests, so it’s essential to consider all the details.  Tile is an exceptionally versatile element since it comes in an astonishing assortment of colors, patterns, finishes and sizes. Rather than just using tile to […]

4 Colorful Ways Customers Used Zellige Tile to Amp Up Their Interior

If you’re searching for an eye-catching yet elegant tile choice for your next project, you can’t go wrong with Moroccan Zellige tiles. These hand-poured, hand-glazed tiles use authentic natural clay from Fez, Morocco, harvested and fired at a low temperature to create its signature cracked, pitted surface and color variation.  Because Zellige tile’s traditionally irregular […]

How to Keep Tile Floors Clean and Shiny

Tile floors add beauty and elegance to your home. Cleaning and maintaining them regularly helps keep them looking their best. Different countertops require different kinds of cleaners, and each type of tile requires different cleaning methods. Follow these tips to keep the tile floors throughout your house clean and shiny. Vacuum or Sweep Loose Dirt […]

Our New Checkerboard Tiles Can Truly Elevate Your Space

Checkerboard tile has a long history and remains a popular trend for upscale designs. First seen in paintings from Ancient Egypt, then a famous symbol for the Masons, checkerboard flooring became popular in the United States in the 1950s as a frequently used pattern for diner floors. Today, designers use checkerboard patterns to make a […]

Explore the History of Mosaic Tile Art

Mosaic tile art is nearly as old as society itself.  In Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace of civilization, artists who lived 3,500 years ago realized the potential of creating artistic and decorative mosaics out of stone, shell and ivory. Throughout the Roman Empire, floor mosaics depicting Roman mythology and everyday life could be found in private […]

Customer Spotlight: Katie Produces an Inviting Bathroom with Our Casablanca and Penny Round Tiles

Katie Bowling is an interior designer and mom of three who works with her husband to renovate old homes. Their 1920s Cape Charles, Virginia beach cottage is a 325-square-foot tiny home, so every room matters.    View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Katie Bowling | home design + DIY (@katiebowlinghome) They […]

Why Better Homes and Gardens Loves Our Zellige Tile

In a world where it’s easy to get a high-tech, factory-perfect look, there’s a reason why handcrafted design elements are experiencing a resurgence.  Riad Tile’s co-founder, Aubrey Butcher, recently spoke with Better Homes and Gardens to highlight one of the handcrafted materials taking center stage: Zellige tile. If a design trend is profiled by Better […]

Customer Spotlight: Ashley Creates an Outdoor Oasis with Our Emerald Green Zellige

It may be February, but we’re dreaming of warmer weather—and what better way to get in the mindset than by looking at an incredible outdoor space designed by one of our customers? Ashley Dalton, a repeat customer of Riad Tile and founder of Ashley Dalton Interiors, recently used our 2″x6″ Emerald Green Zellige tile to […]

5 Clever DIY Ways to Use Leftover Tile

Leftovers can get a bad rap, but when it comes to that stack of unused, surplus tiles from a recent project, don’t even think about relegating it to your garage, where it will never see the light of day again. Instead, it’s time to think outside the tile box and put those extras to work […]

7 Stunning White Tile Kitchen Makeovers to Inspire You

Ask some interior designers, and they may tell you that the white-on-white kitchen isn’t burning quite as brightly as it once did. But as kitchen trends continue to circulate and the heat goes up and down on the looks du jour, one thing that will never overstay its welcome is stunning white kitchen tile. The […]

Top Tile Trends of 2023

A new year means new opportunities to make some big changes—one of which may be updating your home! Whether it’s our new marble, unglazed or thin Zellige tile, or vertical subway tile, check out what we expect to be the significant tile trends throughout this year.  Calacatta Gold Marble    View this post on Instagram […]

The Top 5 Tile Trends This Winter

With temperatures dropping and the occasional promise of snow as we approach the worst of the winter season, there’s no doubt we’ll all be spending a bit more time indoors. Colder weather often brings an increasing need to feel inspired by our indoor surroundings. Enter classic and fun tile designs! Whether you’re using tile in […]

Discover Our NEW Thinner ½” Zellige Tile — Now Available

At Riad, we’re proud to provide the highest-quality handmade Moroccan tiles for our design and retail customers. This includes Zellige tile, an age-old hand-cut Moroccan tile that has adorned walls, fountains, pools, floors and more across the Islamic world for hundreds of years.  Zellige tile has recently surged in popularity thanks to its beautiful glazing, […]

DIY Couple Nik and Alivia Find a Silver Lining In Broken Bow, Oklahoma

The Cabin Collection is a group of four sleek but snug cabins in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, designed in collaboration with Dallas designer Gilded Heights. With the peaceful green forest of Broken Bow as a backdrop, each of the four rentable cabins is thoughtfully and lovingly designed and features a variety of stunning Riad Tile in […]

These Businesses Leveraged Zellige Tiles to Create Stunning Spaces for Customers

Zellige tiles are a timeless option—and for good reason! These handcrafted tiles use natural clay from Fez, Morocco that’s harvested and fired at a low temperature.  The tile is then glazed using an ancient process before it’s fired again. The second firing round often causes crazing, when the glaze breaks slightly to show several small […]

Customer Spotlight: Kazimah Carpets Uses Our Moroccan Tile for an Eclectic Space

One of our most significant sources of design inspiration? Customers! Our customers are among the world’s most creative and talented designers, and today’s customer spotlight is no exception. Meet Josh Guzmán of Kazimah Carpets, a boutique carpet and decor shop based out of Kuwait that sources high-quality handwoven rugs, textiles, and handicrafts from the Middle […]

How to Use Maximalist Design in Every Room of Your Home

Maximalism is trending, especially among the Gen-Z population. The opposite of minimalism, maximalism reflects excess, which is perhaps why it’s popular with a generation who grew up on the internet and its seemingly endless array of ideas. Maximalism has given way to this generation’s preference for bold aesthetics, mixed patterns, textures and lots of colors.   […]

Customer Spotlight: Mackenzie’s Bathroom, Designed with Our Forest Green Zellige

One of the best parts of selling tiles is getting to help our customers turn their houses into their dream homes. That’s why nothing makes us happier than seeing how customers have used our tiles to create stunning kitchens, bathrooms, and more. These are the spaces where you start your day and come to unwind […]

Need a Bar Makeover? Check Out Our Favorite Tiled Bars

Families and friends often congregate in the room that holds the bar, its most central, prominent section. It’s not just the high-top counter, high-top chairs or the bottles of high-quality liquor, either. It’s also the spot where parents can unwind after a challenging workday or kids can hide during a game of hide-and-seek. It’s the […]

Top 5 Tile Trends Of The Week

This week we’re bringing you all of the latest trends in tile, starting with our top 5. From unexpected shapes to new uses for Zellige, we’ll ensure no one misses out on these significant tile moments. Read on below for our favorite tile trends from this past week. #1: Marble Penny Rounds We love penny […]

Step Into the Fairytale of This Enchanted California Home

It’s time for another customer spotlight on the Riad Tile blog, and this week we’re looking at one of our all-time favorite showers. This arched masterpiece by Brodie Jenkins uses our 2”x6” Natural White Zellige tiles and is one of the most liked designs on our Instagram. You can find this stunning storybook house in […]

Incorporate Jewel Tones Into Your Home With These 3 Tips

A contemporary color palette often comprises shades of whites, creams, and occasional greys. We tend to conflate contemporary with clean and clean with austere, unadorned style. But “contemporary” just means “of the moment,” and the moment is changing.  Jewel tones have been in the spotlight lately, and we’re supportive of any design that doesn’t shy […]

Get The Moroccan Tile Nina Dobrev Used In Her California Home

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: at Riad, there’s little we love more than a celebrity home tour. There’s something magical about our favorite stars finding their way off the screen and onto the glossy pages of a design magazine. When a silhouette you’ve seen glide through a feature film appears with […]

Replicate The Look Of The French Villa In Downton Abbey: A New Era

When it first hit our T.V. screens over a decade ago, Downton Abbey captured our hearts with exquisite set design and loveable characters. Now, nearly three years after its latest installment, the British historical drama is back with a stunning backdrop. Filmed partially at the Villa Rocabella in the South of France, Downton Abbey has […]

Kitchen Design Inspo: A Maroon Moment With Midcentury Flair

We’re looking at a kitchen renovation for this week’s customer spotlight that puts all other glow-ups to shame. Last fall, Katherine Thewlis, who runs a Hausmatter Interiors, a design boutique based in Tennessee, updated her kitchen in a vision of burgundy and blush.  You might hear “pink kitchen” and balk, but trust us, you need […]

Loving Pearlcore? Bring 2022’s Biggest Style Trend Home

Whether it’s as an accent, a showstopper, a furnishing, or fashion accessory, the year of the pearl is upon us.

We Designed A Luxury Cabin Getaway in Broken Bow, OK

What do our zellige, cement, marble, and terrazzo tiles have in common? They were all used to design four swanky and snug cabins in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  With floor-to-ceiling windows, beautiful design from Dallas designer Gilded Heights, and the forest as a backdrop, tiles from all four of our collections fit perfectly into The Cabin […]

Pretty on Fridays’ Gorgeous Zellige Walls

White zellige has become one of the most popular varieties of tile in our collection for a few very good reasons. One is the interesting take these tiles provide on neutral tones, allowing designers to add off-white in varying shades to all sorts of different spaces. This is exactly what Deema of Pretty on Fridays […]

Vibrant Contrast with White Zellige Tile

With its unique look and rustic charm, it’s no surprise that zellige tile is popping up all over the US in all sorts of different homes and settings. Zellige tile has moved far beyond trend and is now among the most popular glazed tiles for home renos. Leading much of that charge is white zellige […]

Authentic Moroccan Zellige Tiles for Modern Homes

Of all the tiling available in the US today, few options are as authentic as Moroccan zellige tiles. There’s no mass-production involved in the creation of these tiles, no shoddy factory workmanship; just simple handcrafting from artisans in Morocco.

A Bit of Experimentation with Zellige Tiles

Many designers are taking the opportunity to try out different orientations and settings with their zellige, creating some really fascinating applications!

Zellige Tiles: Moroccan Style Taken Global

Zellige tiles have proven to be an ideal mashup of useful, stylish, and unique.

Zellige Tiles: And What Pro Designers Love About Them in 2021

Over the last few years, interior designers have become increasingly enamored by the potential present in terracotta tile, specifically zellige tiles. From the charming natural color and texture to the astonishing glaze created by the signature process, there’s plenty to love about zellige, and with each passing year, more and more professional interior designers are […]

Moroccan Zellige, Up Close and Personal

Moroccan zellige offers something that can be very difficult to find even in the diverse cornucopia of today’s interior design market: authenticity.

Designer Spot : How One Designer Used Zellige to Reinvent the Butler’s Pantry

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our favorite designers unveil a newly completed project, especially when they use one of our selections of white zellige tile. Reem Hassaballa, of Reem’s Design on Oak, recently used our 2×6 Snow zellige tile to elevate a butler’s pantry to new heights.  Reem used Snow zellige to accomplish her […]

Big Kitchen Transformation from Sachi Lord

See how Sachi Lord brought a kitchen to life with white zellige tile.

Zellige Tiles and Renovation Ideas

With so many people using their unexpected downtime to start new projects around the home, it’s easy to get swept up in the fervor and feel the need to do the same. Seeing the bevy of influencers and friends take on exciting projects can be both encouraging and demoralizing in equal measures. In one moment, […]

A Bathroom Reimagined by Eclectic Twist

See how Tina Bousu of Eclectic Twist built an astonishing bathroom with a winning tile combo.

New Zellige Tiles Now Available!

You read it right, Riad Tile has a brand new color of zellige tile available, in-stock, and ready to be installed in your home. Here’s a sneak peek of our latest, Unglazed Natural Zellige in 2×6: This new variety of zellige is terracotta tile in its truest, most basic form. It’s deeply textured and rustic, […]

White Zellige is One of the Year’s Hottest Tiles

With its gentle variations in color, unique texture, absolutely stunning glazed sheen, and singular, handcrafted appearance, white zellige tile is the perfect way to add neutrality without ever having to compromise on style.

The Artistry of Moroccan Zellige Tiles

Our Moroccan zellige tiles are sourced directly from Morocco and are individually handcrafted by master artisans who have spent their lives perfecting this art form.

Zellige Tiles Around the Home

Late in 2018, Riad Tile announced that we would be introducing classic Moroccan zellige tiles to our curated repertoire of tiling. Zellige tiles have a reputation for their unique style, vibrant color, and the level of high quality that can only come from artisan crafting, so we knew that they would have some level of […]

Unique Zellige Tile Bathrooms

Zellige tile seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason. This glossy, gorgeous handcrafted tile is the perfect complement to a wide variety of different interior design styles and is simply exploding in popularity.

Where Zellige Tiles Excel

Whether you’re considering completely renovating your bathroom, adding just dash of color to your kitchen, or building a new back patio, nothing is more helpful to you and your project than having a variety of options. You might decide on one style, then something completely different will catch your eye and make you want to […]

Using the Darker Shades of Zellige

At Riad, one of things we most enjoy is seeing how creative our customers are. From the kitchen to the patio, we’ve seen our tiles used to build spaces that have a completely singular visual style. In seeing our customers creativity on full display, one thing we always notice is how unique and personal a […]