The Difference Between Normal Zellige and Thin Zellige Tile

Pro designers and DIYers love Zellige tile for its timeless Old World charm and versatility. From stacking tiles declaring a shower wall statement to staggering them for a bold kitchen backsplash, part of the individually handcrafted Moroccan tiles’ enduring appeal is how they fit multiple home styles and applications.

If you’ve seen both variations, you might wonder, “What’s the difference between a thin Zellige tile and a regular Zellige tile?” If you’re looking for some, you might wonder, “What’s the best tile store in Dallas to find thin Zellige?”

You’ve come to the right place! Riad Tile is the only tile store in the U.S. that sells thin Zellige. Let’s discuss how thin Zellige differs from regular Zellige tiles and then look at some fantastic design examples.

What’s the Difference Between Thin Zellige Tile and Regular Zellige Tile?

The main difference between the two 2” x 6” rectangular tile variations is relatively simple: Regular Zellige tile runs around ¾” to 7/8” thick, and thin Zellige tile is 1/2” thick.

Because artisans make all sizes of Zellige tiles one at a time, no two will ever be the same. Slight color variations, pits, cracks, and other imperfections give each handmade tile a unique character — this applies to thin and regular Zellige thicknesses.

Installing thin Zellige tile is slightly easier and delivers a sleeker look than its thicker counterpart. Otherwise, Zellige’s rustic, “perfectly imperfect” aesthetic is the same.

Thin Zellige Design Examples

Thin Zellige works in almost any application where regular thickness Zellige is used. Plus, each ½” thick Zellige tile also bears the signature hue differences and uneven, raised, pitted imperfections that make them unique.

A thinner tile, however, is easier to install. A leaner look shouldn’t affect the unique aesthetic of your finished project. 

Here are some stunning design examples that feature Riad’s thin Zellige tiles.

Sensational Thin Zellige Mix and Match Shower Stack

Thin Zellige is a perfect bathroom tile. We can’t gush enough about design gurus @cm.interiors’ creative choices in their eye-catching shower design, which features a sensational mix-and-match of our Natural White and Glazed Clay 2” x 6” thin Zellige. 

Their stack is sublime, and they get big bonus points for extending the effect to the ceiling. The overall look is breathtaking.


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Front Counter Focal Point

Making Zellige tiles is a centuries-old craft; we love it when our customers elevate the art form! Hats off to @levitybreakfasthouse for using our Agave 2” x6” x ½” Zellige thin tile to make this incredible front counter focal point. This is an excellent example of the creative, versatile ways you can use thin Zellige to add some wow factor to a design.


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Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash

Our customers constantly bowl us over with their designs, and this beautiful kitchen backsplash from @alexandragater is no exception.

Our Rouge 2” x6” X1/2” thin Zellige pops against the neutral cabinetry, making the space warm and inviting. We couldn’t have cherry-picked a better tile. Riad’s product description for this tile shows a wider angle of the space. And, of course, we had to share @carlatoni’s captivating photo on social media.


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Zellige tile seems destined to hold its enduring place in a vast, evolving design landscape, and we couldn’t be happier. We also love seeing customers use our tile in new and unique ways in their homes and businesses.

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