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Marble Mosaic Tile

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Marble tile is an exquisite material that adds an element of grace to the home, thriving everywhere from modern kitchens to small guest bathrooms. Thanks to its unique appearance and color, marble tile can fulfill a variety different purposes depending on how and where it is applied. For example, a smaller application of marble tile can create just a hint of subtle elegance, accentuating the space’s decor style and ambiance, while if a larger application is in order, marble tile might can be used to create a bright but soothing space where natural light reigns supreme. Regardless of how you choose to apply your marble tile, one of the best ways to add texture is by usi;ng Riad’s marble mosaic tile.

Marble mosaic tile, a unique subset of marble tile, features fabulous use of marble’s amazing color and texture to create unparalleled visuals that range from hypnotic to subtle and angular. While its often delicate nature is suited a bit more for specific uses than standard subway tile, marble mosaic tile is still an incredibly versatile tile that is at home everywhere from the kitchen to fireplaces to showers.

Entrancing Angles and Vivacious Color

The use of accent pieces is an essential part of any complete interior decor, no matter the size or style of the space. Some spaces might make use of just one small flourish that elevates the entire room, while other rooms might take a more complicated approach with various nuances working together to create something of a collage. No matter your approach to interior design, marble mosaic tile adds an element that cannot be replicated.

In comparison to marble subway tile, marble mosaic tile is a bit more nuanced and delicate. Instead of uniform rectangles, mosaic tile uses different shapes, patterns, and angles to weave a fascinating tapestry of texture that brings out the marble’s natural beauty.

Riad Tile offers several varieties of marble mosaic tile, including:

1” x 4” Herringbone Mosaic

  • This intricate tile combines to create a segmented, wavy pattern
  • These delicate tiles are perfect for smaller, subdued applications.

2” Hexagon Mosaic

  • These hexagonal tiles form a complex, honeycomb-like design
  • An excellent size for even the smallest applications

5” Hexagon Mosaic

  • Same honeycomb pattern as their 2” counterparts
  • These larger and more robust tiles are ideal for larger applications, like flooring or full showers

Diamond Mosaic

  • Angular and distinctive, these tiles have a mesmerizing appearance
  • Makes for a unique application every time

Utilizing the Unique Visuals of Marble Mosaic Tile

From marble tile floors to marble mosaic tile backsplashes, marble tile is an exquisite addition that tends to bring out the best wherever it is applied. Riad Tile’s marble mosaic tile features our signature color, Casablanca Carrara. Made from marble slabs that are carefully sourced in order to guarantee quality and consistent color, our Casablanca Carrara tiles demonstrate every quality you want from marble tiles. Each of our tiles are individually polished, giving them their signature sheen and bringing out the soft color of the soft grey streaks that gently contrast the while background.

Our marble mosaic tile is the perfect complement for a wide variety of rooms, giving your space a valuable dash of elegance. Bring life to your space today with an application of fine marble mosaic tile. Feel free to order a sample, or contact us with any questions you might have about installation or materials.

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