3 Ways Tile Added Life to the Fireplace

Many designers and homeowners want to upgrade their fireplaces, but choosing a style can be daunting. This home feature is often the center of your living room, visible from across the house, so design decisions make a significant impact. Whether starting with brick, tile, cement or even wood paneling, a fireplace tile upgrade is the best (and easiest!) way to highlight this home feature. With so many tile sizes, patterns and colors to choose from, inspiration is close. 

We love seeing the diverse ways that fireplace tile upgrades have recently transformed these rooms.

Modern Has a Moment with 2”x8” White Cement Tile

We’re sure that when @oakandlineninteriors saw the outdated tile surrounding this black fireplace insert, they knew it had to go.


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One of the biggest distractions was the small size of the fireplace feature compared with the blank canvas of white walls and windows surrounding it. The solution? A modern, all-white moment with our 2″x8″ white cement tile. White cement tiles are a popular and timeless design choice for modern and contemporary spaces, and the black insert pops to add a touch of drama. Because the area became all white, the tile added some much-needed depth to the design. The floor-to-ceiling installation helps make the room feel grand. Thanks to the upgrade, we know that sitting in this room feels relaxing and regal!

Function Becomes Fun with Crest Black Black & White Ceramic Tile

One of the best things about tile is that it can inspire endless ideas. A fireplace is often the center of your home’s gathering space, a spot that should be functional and eye-catching. We spotted a recent fireplace tile upgrade that shows homeowner and realtor Miranda Parker understood the assignment.


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When she needed her house to pop with the bold style she’s always loved, our crest black & white ceramic tile did the trick. She could have removed the fireplace to make space for a bold piece of furniture or decorated the mantel with her favorite paintings. Instead, she turned this functional home element into a work of art. Even the way she arranged the pattern on the tile layout shows that you can choose whimsy and practicality for an upgraded, striking look.

Highlight the Heritage with Black Zellige 4″x4″

Tile upgrades don’t always come with demolition. In fact, adding on to existing tilework can bridge the gap between old and new in a dramatic way. We love that @reems_design chose to preserve a 100-year-old fireplace in a recent project instead of tearing out the wall to start anew.


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To highlight the original tilework and transition to the modern floors, she chose our black Zellige 4″x4″ tile. The handmade tiles, created with care according to a long tradition of craftsmanship, were the perfect complement to the stunning fireplace. Rather than distract from the original work, the new tiles enhanced its stunning, bold look. Any imperfections in the antique tiles are right at home with the organic edges of the Zellige. Perfection doesn’t have a place with this upgraded fireplace’s old, treasured feel — and we love that.

The best fireplace tiles are the ones that help turn this common feature into a stunning statement of your style, so follow your instincts, and you’re sure to have a fabulous end result.