Kitchen Upgrades Showcasing Stunning Zellige Tile Designs

If you love to cook, odds are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, kitchens can quickly become spaces for people to create recipes and sustain themselves with good food. 

But the kitchen has much more purpose than its implicit function of feeding a household. For example, people might be more apt to spend time in the kitchen if its design makes them happy. 

If your kitchen design is boring, it can affect how often you cook for yourself. So, try updating it with Zellige tiles!

Our authentic Zellige tiles are hand-crafted from non-refined, natural clay from the Fez region of Morocco. Based on centuries of tradition, the clay is low-fired to create terracotta tiles. 

Many of these tiles have irregularities and imperfections, including slight cracks, plus variations in size and color. The ancient glazing process and hand-chiseling give Zellige tiles this distinctness—the result: ready-to-install Zellige tiles that are perfect in any room, especially in kitchen backsplashes. 

Natural White Tile

If you don’t want to start by tiling your entire kitchen, pick just a portion of it. This natural white 2″x6″x½” Zellige backsplash surrounding a coffee bar makes this corner of the kitchen the star of the show.


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Designed by El Peterson, this natural kitchen backsplash matches the white countertops and cabinets. The blank canvas of a coffee corner allows for a decorated countertop and shelving—in this case, full of earth-tone photos, mugs and coffee syrups that pair well with the aesthetic.  

Snow White Tile

For a crisper kitchen tile idea, try 4″x4″ square Snow White Zellige tiles. Compared to the natural white version, these Zellige tiles look more modern, especially when Christina Cruz Interiors used them for a kitchen backsplash.


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Rather than spicing up this kitchen with earthy countertop decorations and light wooden shelves like El Peterson, Christina Cruz chose a chic black-and-white color scheme. The contemporary cabinetry lets you see the neatly stacked dishes on the other side. The black and white cabinets perfectly match the bright white tile backsplash, emphasized by gold fixtures and handles throughout the kitchen. 

Black Tile

On the opposite end of the spectrum from white tiles, 4″x4″ square Steel Grey Zellige tile creates a dark, moody atmosphere with kitchen backsplash tiles. 


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This black and grey kitchen by Both Minds Design features dark countertops, sink fixtures, cabinetry and wine glasses, which likely don’t show as many food particles or stains that become abundant when cooking. And because these elements are all slightly different hues, each brings out the varying shade in the next.

Green Tile

If neutral black-and-white tile doesn’t do it for you, try our 2″x6″ Sea Green Zellige tile instead. The kitchen backsplash tiles featured here are by Kristie Koning Design


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The light green backsplash tiles are the same warm, earthy tone as the soft wood on the cabinets and floors. The bottom row of white cabinets makes the backsplash pop even more, emphasizing the contrast in this fun kitchen. 

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