Pop-Up Spaces in the Spotlight: How This Bishop Arts Shop Stands Out

The Bishop Arts District in Dallas is one of our favorite spots for catching up with friends, seeing innovative creators and entrepreneurs, and browsing the latest inspirational designs. The Petite Saison pop-up retail space is one of the newest additions to this vibrant district, and the design choices using tile, bold colors, and coordinating accessories are putting our creative juices into overdrive.

Create a Statement, not a Background

We love to use tile as a backdrop for other décor choices, but sometimes, you need to put your tile in the spotlight. Using tile as functional décor makes a bold statement and adds permanent charm to your space. Why hide stunning tile under other items if it’s this fabulous? The designers at Bishop Arts @bishoparts pop-up Petite Saison are on the same page. Every piece of this shop’s styling shows up loud and clear.


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Our cement tile in this French marinière stripe is the perfect choice for flooring in a retail space anticipating traffic. While a patterned rug would achieve a similarly dramatic statement, we’re sure the employees are glad they don’t have to clean the carpet daily! We also love that the designers didn’t try to hide any pieces from the customer’s sight; even the counter is dazzling in our 2” x6” Honey Zellige tile. When the goal of your space is to “pay tribute to the rich history and vibrant spirit of Bishop Arts,” it’s no wonder that every inch is designed to sing.

Saturation for Spring

This tile inspiration is hitting our feeds at the perfect time of year: spring! After winter’s darker, muted tones, we’re ready to introduce some saturation in our spaces. The way these Bishop Arts designers embraced an abundance of color in a breakout micro-retail space is almost magical; doesn’t this shop corner look straight out of a painting?


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The natural elements in the space flow seamlessly with the paint color, tile, and accessories. Our Honey Zellige tile on the counter matches the deeper tones in the flowers and rope supports throughout the room. The white walls provide a soft landing space to rest between bursts of color and life at every eye level.

Keep the Pattern, Switch up the Texture

It can be hard to add depth to a space when you go all in on saturated color and bold designs. You want your room to be creative and inviting, not flat. Using different textures is one of our favorite ways to keep a consistent pattern or color scheme without giving up variation. The Petite Saison designers styled the ceiling with fabric and carried the exact pattern to the floor but with tile!


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Our 4” x 12” Apricot and White cement tiles alternate to mirror the French-inspired awning, a perfect example of letting a bold pattern shine. Passersby get the illusion of a quaint welcome mat by extending the tile outside the doorway, drawing them into the space. You can catch the sun making the same patterns on the richly painted doors as you walk inside if you’re lucky enough.

Using colorful tile and accessories in such a small space takes confidence and vision, but the risk pays off when everyone flocks to see your innovative designs and can’t help but smile from the very first glimpse.