Musician Brodie Jenkins Used Natural White Zellige to Create a Heavenly Arched Shower

Brodie Jenkins is a musician based out of Berkeley, California, who shares her love of design and her home renovation journey on Instagram at @enchantedberkeley. And “enchanting” is just the word to describe her French Norman-style home, which is full of natural light and elegant yet rustic touches. 


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Jenkins says she threw herself into renovating her home during 2020 when the pandemic forced her to put her music career on hold, and home design became her main creative outlet. Over the past few years, she has designed the enchanted, rustic storybook home in the hills she lives in today with her family. 

Though she describes herself as a “complete novice” in design, it’s clear that Jenkins has a discerning eye for creating supremely calming, organic, and timeless spaces — so much so that she’s begun taking on design clients of her own.  

“I chose soft, calming tones, clean lines, and tried to incorporate organic, handmade or aged materials,“ Jenkins told Vogue Australia of her design vision for the home. “I designed the space to be minimal and calm, with soft tones and textures.”

Spotlight on Brodie’s Serene, Zellige-Tiled Shower 

But it’s the shower in Jenkins’ primary bathroom that first caught our attention. The recessed shower nook is almost totally covered in our Natural White 2”x6” Zellige tile, creating a glimmering, dappled surface inside this peaceful space.

Our Natural White tiles are much softer and more subtle than our stark Snow White tiles, making them the perfect choice for Jenkins’ organic, Old World design sensibilities. Due to the nature of these hand-glazed Moroccan tiles, they vary slightly in color and texture, creating a textured, glimmering and even slightly pearlescent effect inside the shower. 

And because even the inside of the arch and the shower ceiling are tiled, stepping inside gives the effect of being enveloped in a cloud or a seashell for a heavenly showering experience. 

The shower also features a cleverly hidden tension rod that keeps a hand shower curtain liner out of the way when not in use to keep the full effect of the shower’s elegant design on display.  Unlacquered brass fittings pop against the soothing Natural White tones of the tile. The Zellige tile’s rough edges are hidden inside a clean, rounded-off drywall edge for a softer look. 

We can’t deny that this is one of our favorite shower designs we’ve ever seen using our Zellige tiles. We hope it has inspired you to create a tiled oasis in your own home!