5 Tile Design Tricks to Apply the Wes Anderson Filter at Home

Welcome to the wild, wild Wes.

The recent premiere of Asteroid Landing, director Wes Anderson’s latest jewel in his cinematic crown, has us obsessing anew over his distinctive aesthetic that is nothing short of a total vibe.

Rich and fanciful, the Wes-iverse is always color-saturated and delightfully symmetrical, with razor-sharp attention to detail. And Asteroid Landing is a master class — brimming with retro Southwest desert allure where ruddy, burnished hues drip into beautiful pastels and cotton candy sunsets.

If you want to apply the flawless (and timeless) Wes filter in your own life, we have just the thing — well, several things — to try.

Here are five fantastical ways to decorate your house like Wes Anderson.

Saunter Into Sepia Tones

Let us introduce you to some of our best new actors: the Honey 4″x4″ Zellige and 2″x6″ Zellige.


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This burnt-umber tile flaunts the right tone for mid-century mod, which is perfectly suited for Wes Anderson-inspired interiors — be that a kitchen backsplash, a walk-in shower, and beyond.

Pretty Up to Pastels

In every Wes flick, there’s a delightful sugar rush of storybook pastels — from cotton candy pinks and blues to orange sherbet, pale pistachio, and cool mint. 


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This charming bathroom from @morrisseyhome takes its cue right from this palette, especially with our Rouge 2″x6″ Zellige in the shower.

Go Retro with the Linoleum Look

Believe it or not, your grandparents’ Formica and linoleum have ushered their way to a modern comeback. But we have a better way to replicate this wonderful touch of nostalgia with our Terrazzo tile.


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Not only is this retro-fab pastel dreamscape from @allgoodbuild very Wes-esque because it checks the box on every pastel craving, but it also benefits from our blush Terrazzo on the floor.

Embrace Emeralds

Plush green tones are another constant in Wes Anderson’s interior design. But instead of vintage glass lampshades and velvet sofas, why not also apply it in tile form?


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This bathroom from @themodernlodge is marvelously dramatic and could have been plucked straight from a Wes Anderson set, what with our floor-to-ceiling Sea Green 4″x4″ Zellige . Peep the rusty towels, too.

Another green-with-envy scene is this gorgeous vanity wall from @nestluxuryhomes, designed with our Emerald Green 2″x6″ Zellige.

Form a Pattern

Patterned wallpapers with attitude are another popular way to indulge the Wes Anderson maximalist aesthetic. But you can create the same quirky-vintage aesthetic with tile.


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This shower from @gildedheights is a whole mood, with the whimsical retro flair of our Sunny Days ceramic tile making a splash. We also love seeing this tile on a bathroom wall, cocktail bar, or kitchen backsplash — no wallpaper required!

Remember: Subtlety is not the name of the game here — bold whimsy and big statements abound.

For more inspo on decorating your house like Wes Anderson, we recommend rewatching all his greatest flicks (The Royal Tenenbaums, anyone?) and checking out this page.

Then, scope out our full selection of tiles, and let your imagination do your bidding. You can also check out our Instagram page.