Replicate The Look Of The French Villa In Downton Abbey: A New Era

When it first hit our T.V. screens over a decade ago, Downton Abbey captured our hearts with exquisite set design and loveable characters. Now, nearly three years after its latest installment, the British historical drama is back with a stunning backdrop.

Filmed partially at the Villa Rocabella in the South of France, Downton Abbey has elevated its signature elegance to new heights. With opulent architecture and an elegant interior, we’re here to show you how to (affordably, without the funds of a Marquis) channel all the charm of Downton’s French Villa in your very own home.

The Rocabella

Before we delve indoors, allow us to take a moment to marvel over the grandeur of this magnificent space:

The Villa Rocabella is situated lavishly in the land of azure beaches, yachts, and aristocrats–and it looks the part. With a tropical and refined ambiance, let’s take a peek inside the space and show you how to bring the dignified charm of the French Riviera into your home.

Step #1: Marble (Make it Norwegian)

Once inside, the villa boats rosé hues much like the wine for which the South of France is famed. Salmon, coral, peony; name a pink shade, and it might have a spot on the big screen this summer with Downton’s biggest stars.

But Michelle Dockery doesn’t stand a chance against this room’s breakout stars: rose marble columns that impressively frame the space. At Riad, we can’t build you Ionic columns, but we can help you adorn your home with our Norwegian Rose Marble tile fit for a marquess. Take a look at some of the shapes we offer it in and click on them for more information below:

If you’re looking to replicate this great space without marble but with the same blush hues, check out this kitchen from Allison Elefante for inspiration. The star of this space is our 2″x6″ Blush Zellige, handmade in Morroco.


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This flat lay from A.I. Interiors will have you covered for more blush inspiration. We love this look featuring our 4″x4″ Blush Zellige tiles and our Terrazzo Terra tile.


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Blush ZelligeTerrazzo Terra

Step #2: French Pink

The view behind the sprawling staircase is in full bloom with more pink and marble without swaying into saccharine. The soft pink in the villa is dignified and mature, elevated by intricate ivory molding and marble stairs and railings.

Below are two options for recreating this look. One leans contemporary, while the other veers towards the classic. The first, more modern rendering, features our Nola Pink tile. Emphasis is placed on the color of the tile, juxtaposed against the greenery that breaks it up in the center. The white wire plant basket echoes the white lines of our Nola tile, cementing our obsession with this look.


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Nola Pink

However, if you want to go more traditional, check out this bathroom for inspiration.


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Featuring our marble and a sweet pink tile on the walls, recreate the look with our products below


Step #3: Add Your Greens

Grand staircases and stately marble columns aside, the star of the French Riviera is its stunning natural views. This shot from the Rocabella showcases the best Riviera offers: manicured gardens and lush greens set against sumptuous furnishings. So, how can you bring this look home?

If you don’t live in a private garden, we’ll still help you achieve this Downton oasis, but we can’t guarantee the British aristocrats. One way to accomplish this look? Bring the green inside. We’ve provided two options below that show how to bring greens inside your space while keeping the splendor and style of the Villa Rocabella.

Option #1 is this design, with our Estrella Green tile on the floor, accented with a beautiful coral-hued rug.


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The next option is to integrate plant life into your space. Green compliments pink in a way particularly reminiscent of the Côte d’Azur. This next image uses our Terrazzo Blush tile, interspersed with white marble and peppered with tasteful and tropical foliage. If we can’t get to the Mediterranean coast, we’d say this bathroom is the next best thing.


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Whether or not you can make it to the French Riviera this year, we know that the essence of the beautiful villa featured in Downton Abbey: A New Era can be yours (without the jet fair).

You can experiment will the looks above by ordering samples from and get more inspiration by following us at @riadtile on Instagram.