Use These Tiles to Create the Colorful Look of Autumn

It’s no surprise that fall is so many people’s favorite season. It’s a beautiful time to revel in crisp air, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and a gorgeous array of gold, orange, maroon, and green leaves. And it’s fun to hike, bike, or drive through scenic parks and highways to see nature’s stunning visual display before winter sets in.

If you want to bring that full-on Autumn vibe into your living space, Riad Tile offers many tile options in vibrant fall hues. Here are some colorful examples.

Dark and Light Green

Green, in dark and light varieties, is nature’s signature color. 

Artisans arguably could craft our rich Emerald Green 2″x6″ Zellige tile while imagining a lush green forest that turns a kaleidoscope of dynamic shades in the fall. Emerald Green Zellige adds visual elegance and depth as a backsplash, shower wall, or fireplace surround.


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We love how the Emerald Green Zellige serves as a base for columns of gold wallpaper that stretch to the ceiling in this striking bathroom design by @glamournest.

Olive green is on the fall color spectrum and is a much lighter contrast to deep Emerald green. 

Our Tepoz Green 6″x6″ Dimensional Relief Artisan Ceramic tile adds some extra flair to the unique texture of the design.


Maroon is another deep hue on the fall color palette that makes a bold design statement wherever you incorporate it. Variations of the name include burgundy and crimson red.

Like the full-bodied wine it is named after, our Merlot 2″x8″ Cement tile enhances your space with one of fall’s prettiest shades. It would look stunning in a study, as a living room or master bedroom accent, or anywhere you want to create a strong focal point.

Harvest Gold/Mustard Yellow

Harvest gold and mustard yellow warm up a fall design scheme. Infusing pops of this color family is like dropping sun-kissed accents into a space.

No two handcrafted Moroccan zellige tiles are ever alike, and they add unique, old-world charm to a space. Our Honey 2″x6″ Zellige tile brightens a design. Our 4″x12″ Apricot Cement tiles are another pretty option.


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And if you want to add a little Wes Anderson aesthetic to your space, use our Honey 4″x4″ Zellige tile to get the job done!


Seasonal fall décor often includes gourds in various festive shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ll find pops of white or off-white poking out amongst the orange, yellow, and green produce — and the neutral shade offers a nice balance. 

For example, our Luna Putty Ceramic tile provides color neutrality in a fun pattern in your fall-themed space. Whether you use it as a backsplash or accent wall, you can add all sorts of fall-themed décor around it.


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Two more versatile options include Glazed Clay 4″x4″ Zellige tile and Natural Unglazed 2″x6″ Terracotta tile. Unique vacation homes by @thetxcollective feature both neutral tiles as gorgeous kitchen and shower backsplash, respectively.

Burnt Orange/Rust/Terracotta

The orange family of fall hues includes sensational varieties of burnt orange, rust, and terracotta, adding pumpkin spice to the fall color palette. Jack-o’-lanterns, gourds, candy corns, and leaves in a myriad of flaming colors are just some of the orange-toned items of fall.

We offer our Terracotta Color Ceramic tiles in several shapes and sizes, including 4″x12″ rectangular, 6″x6″, 8″x8″ square, and hexagon. There’s also Apex Terracotta Ceramic tile. Our handmade clay Terracotta tile hails from Canada and comes in multiple shapes and sizes.


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For a mid-century modern look in your backyard, bid summer goodbye and welcome fall with Riad’s new Breeze Blocks in four fun shapes.

Suppose you incorporate any of these dynamic shades of tile into your design scheme. In that case, you can use them as a base or to enhance autumn-themed décor elements, including pillows, throws, rugs, artwork, and natural accents to create a fabulous full-on fall look.

Riad Tile is always here to help. Feel free to contact us at 912-914-9600 or stop by a showroom to browse our wide array of handcrafted tiles or to order samples.