How to Keep Tile Floors Clean and Shiny

Tile floors add beauty and elegance to your home. Cleaning and maintaining them regularly helps keep them looking their best. Different countertops require different kinds of cleaners, and each type of tile requires different cleaning methods.

Follow these tips to keep the tile floors throughout your house clean and shiny.

Vacuum or Sweep Loose Dirt

Loose dirt, crumbs, and dust can build up quickly on floors. Before mopping, vacuum or sweep your tile floors at least once a week—or when you can see debris. A non-treated dry dust mop works well on any type of flooring. It also helps prevent scratches on granite and marble tile.

How Often Should You Mop Tile Floors and Clean Grout?

Plan on wet mopping your bathroom tile floors at least once a week and your kitchen tile floors twice a month.

Also, keep an eye on your grout and clean it with baking soda and a toothbrush when it looks grimy or, at minimum, every few months. Be careful not to scratch marble or natural stone tile with the bristles.

Follow these tips to clean different kinds of tile floors in your home.

How to Clean Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floors

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are low-maintenance and can withstand a lot of traffic. These types of tile flooring can handle just about any kind of mop. In general, use a mop that won’t scratch the floor or just push dirt and grime into the grout.

You can use a chamois-style mop (with soft strips) and mild detergents, such as dish soap and water. To remove stains or soap residue, use a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner.

To prevent water spots, dry the tile with a clean, lint-free cloth immediately after mopping.

How to Clean Marble Tile Floors

Cleaning marble tile requires special care to prevent scratches. Never use hard bristle brushes or scouring powder.

Use a soft mop and only mild pH-neutral cleaners for regular cleaning. You can usually find these at a grocery, home improvement, or hardware store. A product labeled “natural stone cleaner” is typically pH neutral but double-check before using. To minimize streaking and residue, use only soapless cleaners.


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Side note: We love how @thecozyfarmhouse paired our Casablanca Carrara 2” Hex mosaic tile with black accents in this bathroom renovation!

To remove soap scum and stains from marble in the bathroom, we recommend Miracle Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner or Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner (Acid Substitute).

Dry marble tile immediately after mopping with a clean microfiber cloth to help prevent discoloration and stains.

These instructions also apply to slate and granite tiles. You can buff granite flooring to maintain and maximize shine.

How to Clean Cement and Terrazzo Tile

Artisans make Riad’s cement tiles one at a time by hand using natural materials and pigments.

We love the classic look of our Estrella Black Cement tile in this Jack and Jill bathroom design from and @buildtxsolutions.


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Here it is again used as the main bathroom flooring in a @tp.remodeling design!

Never use acid-based cleaning solutions or bleach on cement. Instead, regularly clean cement and terrazzo tiles with a pH-neutral solution such as Miracle Tile & Stone Cleaner.


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Here are some Terrazzo White tile flooring examples.

For heavy-duty jobs, use Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner (Acid Substitute). Spot clean difficult stains with Miracle Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Cleaner.

To maintain and restore shine, buff cement tiles with a white pad as needed. Dry after cleaning with a microfiber cloth.


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Our Crest Blue looks amazing in this patio design from @designcoastal and @corinhavensinteriors.   

How to Clean Zellige Tile Floors

Our beautiful Zellige Tile is a traditional Moroccan glazed terracotta tile. Each tile has a unique glaze, color and texture and is handcrafted from non-refined natural clay from the Fez region. For flooring applications, place Zellige tiles in light traffic areas.


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This fun design from @atlivingawilderlife features our Snow and Black 4″x4″ Zellige tile with a cool brass transition piece.

Zellige is a low-maintenance tile. Use mild soap or neutral cleaners for most cleaning jobs. For maintenance, seal unglazed natural Zellige tiles with Miracle 511 Porous Plus sealant as needed.

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