Taking Tile Inspiration from Morrissey Home’s Bathroom Designs

We love working with local clients who share a passion for designing spaces that spark joy. Shayne Morrissey, the founder of Morrissey Home, is a standout among Texas designers. He started Morrissey Home in 2015 to bring exceptional living spaces to the Dallas area and has been impressing clients and journalists ever since.

We’re always excited to see one of Morrissey Home’s new projects; they’re full of innovative ways to match a client’s personality with quality materials. Whether it’s designing the interior of a new build or helping a family renovate their home, Shayne’s team delivers something inspiring every time. Seeing our Riad Tile pop up in so many of his designs is one of our favorite surprises.

Recently, Morrissey Home renovated the bathrooms in a local home and knocked our socks off with stunning results using our Zellige and Terrazzo tiles. These are some of the best tile ideas to hit our feed this summer.

An Immersive Feeling

Bathrooms can be quite utilitarian, but they definitely don’t have to be. Some of our favorite self-care involves long soaks in the tub, a special face mask, or an extra few minutes in the morning shower. The design choices in a space can either add to that feeling of relaxation and indulgence or detract from it. Morrissey Home flawlessly executed a relaxing environment in this stunning bathroom remodel. Using our Sea Green Zellige 4″x4″ tile to surround the shower and tub area adds an immersive, almost magical, feeling to this bathroom.


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The space immediately feels more extensive thanks to this cohesion. Distinct spaces are separated by glass and partitions that use the same tile to keep the experience seamless.

Living in Full Color

Building on the immersive and luxurious bathroom experience, Morrissey Home didn’t shy away from adding color and texture to the spaces. Our lives aren’t bland, so why should our homes be? In addition to the ocean vibes from our sea green Zellige tiles, Morrissey tapped into floral tones using thin Zellige tiles in Blush as a shower surround for one of the home’s other bathrooms.


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The homemade quality of our Zellige tiles adds a rich texture to these bathrooms, too. These colors are the perfect summer tile inspiration for several spaces on our DIY list.

Creating Your Own “Neutral”

With such dramatic design elements throughout the bathroom, relying on plain white or tan tile for the floor is tempting. Rather than stick with something predictable, Morrissey Home chose to create their own “neutral” in this space using our Terrazzo Blush tile.


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Viewing the tile alone can make the pattern look full and bold. Morrissey and his team knew that against the other bathroom elements, though, this patterned floor would serve as a warm anchor point for the room — proving why he’s the design expert.

Focus on Functionality

While we love the design elements of these bathroom transformations, we can’t overlook how practical the tiles are, too. The Terrazzo floors pull double duty by marrying aesthetics with functionality. The best bathroom floors are durable and easy to clean. Because these Terrazzo tiles come in a large 12″x12″ size, there is minimal grout to trap water and dirt. And let’s be honest; the pattern on the tiles hides some of that summertime mud between mopping sessions. 

We’ll always love inspired ways to have a beautiful space you can actually live in.