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Marble Tile

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Marble tile is one of those rare materials capable of elevating almost any space. From its nearly luminescent appearance to gorgeous veins of color, marble tile provides a level of elegance that is hard to match. As a natural material, marble has a wholly singular set of qualities that imbue it with a sense of liveliness that is completely unmistakable. 

All of our marble tile is chiseled from the finest slabs, and we offer three unique varieties: pink Norwegian Rose marble sourced directly from Scandinavia, black Nero Marquina marble typically quarried Spain, and our signature white Casablanca Carrara marble.

Organic, Bright, and Lively

Riad Tile has long been dedicated to the idea that the perfect tile can improve any space. From sleek and modern entryways to mid-century kitchens to small bathrooms that just need a little extra texture, Riad’s tile can be used in a wide variety of spaces to great effect, and marble tile opens up a whole new set of stylistic possibilities for our customers.

The marble we use to create our tile is carefully selected for its quality and pattern consistency. Choosing marble presents a unique challenge, as marble varies widely in color and pattern, so choosing consistent patterns is paramount to ensuring that our customers receive only the best tiles for their project.

When marble is extracted, it is removed in large slabs, so we make sure that each slab used to create our tile is up to our specifications. After the marble slabs are selected, they are sliced into manageable sizes, with each slice being a small part of a much larger picture. While this larger picture is fragmented during tile production, we make sure that the marble tile you receive comes from the same slab, so you don’t have to worry about getting an outlier tile.

Once the slab is fragmented, proper tile production begins. Each of the tiles created from the slab are individually polished to perfection. One quality that makes marble an amazing material to work with is its ability to handle high levels of polish. Marble can be polished to perfection, revealing exquisite colors and showcasing the slight translucence that makes marble nearly glow in the right light.

Exquisite Marble Tile for Your Kitchen Floor, Bathroom, or Shower.

At Riad Tile, we work hard to make sure that our customers can find the perfect tile for their space. We offer our white marble tile in multiple shapes and sizes, including:

1” x 4” Herringbone Mosaic

  • Small, Delicate, Intricate
  • Perfect for creating a wavy, segmented appearance

2” Hexagon Mosaic

  • Intricate and Complex
  • Work together to create a unique honeycomb effect

5” Hexagon Mosaic

  • Robust and Singular
  • A larger, more prominent version of the honeycomb effect

3” x 6” Subway

  • Classic and Graceful
  • Provides a classic appearance in a size that makes smaller applications possible

4” x 8” Subway

  • The Standard for Marble Tile
  • Classic appearance perfect for a wide variety of applications

6” x 12” Subway

  • Bold and Bright
  • Larger tiles are ideal for large-scale applications

Diamond Mosaic

  • Angular, Distinctive, Fascinating
  • Creates an amazing visual effect wherever it’s applied

Pickett Mosaic

  • Rustic and Charming
  • A time-tested mosaic style that blends sturdiness with grace

Riad Tile provides high-quality cement and marble tile for the lowest prices in the U.S. All of our tiles are carefully handcrafted one at a time by master artisans. We’re incredibly proud of our work, and enjoy nothing more than seeing our tiles used by our customers to create gorgeous spaces of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you use our marble tile for your shower, floors, backsplash, or bathroom, you can be certain that you will enjoy the sense of elegance this tile creates wherever it’s applied. Please feel free to order a sample anytime.