3 Bold & Beautiful Checkerboard Tile Transformations

While a checkerboard pattern may evoke images of Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland,” these black and white squares aren’t just for whimsical table settings or outdated kitchen floors. Within the past few years, checkerboard tile designs have transitioned from retro kitchens and vintage bathrooms to cutting-edge modern spaces.

Don’t believe us? Let our customers show you just how captivating checkerboard tile patterns can be. Below, we’ve highlighted three of our favorite ways Riad Tile customers are using checkerboard tile patterns to steal the show in their homes.

A Laundry Room You’ll Want to Spend Time In


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If you thought checkerboard was too old-fashioned for contemporary design, think again. In this Instagram-worthy laundry room, interior designer Jaclyn Marie of Jacyln Marie Interiors combined brass accents with our Casablanca Carrara and Bardiglio Grey 12″x12″ marble checkerboard to create a stunning, elegant, and timeless look. It’s giving old-world charm a modern twist.

We love how she incorporated Snow 4″x4″ Zellige tiles for the backsplash, adding texture and interest to the space.

A Kitchen Renovation That’s Turning Heads

Once a dull and uninspiring half-kitchen, this checkerboard tile transformation proves that a little pattern can make a significant impact. Everything in this kitchen renovation screams sophistication and style, from the sleek white counters to the chocolatey brown cabinetry to the gold hardware.

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And the black and white checkerboard tile floor ties the look together for an unforgettable kitchen design.

A Bathroom That Balances Boldness and Serenity


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This bathroom redesign is nothing short of a daydream come true. The design, created by interior designer Marina Franks of LUXE HAUS Design Co., exudes luxury in the subtlest way possible.

The sage green walls, black marble vanity top, and gold fixtures create a resort-like atmosphere, while our Casablanca Carrara and Nero Marquina 3″ Checkerboard marble mosaic floor gives the room a unique and eye-catching focal point.

These checkerboard-focused redesigns show that checkerboard tile isn’t just a pattern on the floor. It’s a conversation starter. A chameleon of the design world, checkerboard tile can transform a dark and dull space into a bold, beautiful room full of personality and charm. From laundry rooms to bathrooms to kitchens and beyond, every checkerboard tile tells a story.

So, the next time you see a checkerboard, don’t be so quick to dismiss it as old-fashioned or cartoony. Open your mind and imagination to the endless possibilities that checkerboard tile can bring to your space. Embrace the magic and see where it takes you. Whether you’re going for bold and dramatic or subtle and serene, checkerboard could be the one thing you need to complete your vision.

Need help getting started or need an expert opinion on how to go about your redesign? We’d be happy to help you. Give us a call at 972-914-9600 or send an email to hello@riadtile.com.