Customer Spotlight: Kazimah Carpets Uses Our Moroccan Tile for an Eclectic Space

One of our most significant sources of design inspiration? Customers! Our customers are among the world’s most creative and talented designers, and today’s customer spotlight is no exception.

Meet Josh Guzmán of Kazimah Carpets, a boutique carpet and decor shop based out of Kuwait that sources high-quality handwoven rugs, textiles, and handicrafts from the Middle East and India. Guzmán, an American ex-pat, has curated a colorful, cozy and eclectic space for himself at his home in Kuwait City.

Embroidered pillows, carved wood, lush greenery, glazed tile, and various vivid tribal carpets bring Guzmán’s lovely home to life. Let’s dive deeper into his space and discover how you can bring some of the warmth and excitement of his maximalist style into your home

Choose Quality


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“One of my biggest pieces of advice when styling a colorful space is to buy high-quality, handmade pieces,” Guzmán says. “Colorful can look cheap when the pieces themselves are mass-produced and soulless. Add color with items that have that authentic feel that only comes with handmade items.”

But buying high-quality, authentic decor pieces doesn’t necessarily mean shelling out for brand-new designer labels. Guzmán says almost everything in his bright and colorful living space was thrifted! 

If you love traveling, try hitting up local flea markets or thrift stores on your next trip. It’s an excellent way to unearth hidden gems and bring a sense of global eclecticism back to your home

Layer Your Textiles


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Layering textiles is a must to achieve the popular maximalist look that Guzmán’s home embraces. As a carpet dealer, Guzmán knows this better than anyone. 

Guzmán effectively uses multiple carpets in his expansive living space to break up the rooms into distinctive areas, bring a sense of warmth and set off the many other decor elements present. While the carpets don’t “match” in a traditional sense, they all fall within a similar color scheme and maintain a sense of unity throughout the room despite being mismatched. 

In addition to the beautiful carpets, Guzmán’s space also features handmade embroidered pillows, beautifully reupholstered antique chairs, and a few neutral sofas to counterbalance the many unique patterns found throughout the room. 

Let in the Natural Light


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A post shared by Josh Guzmán (@kazimahcarpets)

The key to any maximalist space is to allow plenty of natural light into the room to highlight your carefully curated pieces and bring a sense of brightness to an area that can otherwise feel cluttered. 

Guzman understands this well—his living space is awash in gentle, natural light, especially in the afternoon, when the glow turns golden and brings the room to life. The chartreuse velvet of his couch, the geometric forms in his Turkish carpet and the turquoise-glazed tiles around his mantel radiate. 

Tile Brings Color and Texture


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Guzmán chose our 4×4 Sea Green Zellige tile for his carved wood mantelpiece with a mirror to finish his eclectic, handmade space. The textured turquoise Moroccan tile ties together many of the colorful pieces in the room and creates a sense of unity and harmony. The mantelpiece also creates a strong focal point in a room with many other elements competing for attention.  

We’re so honored and thrilled that Josh chose Riad Tile to finish his incredible space, especially considering how much he values quality and authenticity in his decor. We can’t wait to see what he does next! 

You can browse our selection of high-quality handmade Moroccan tiles here. Order samples, discover our showrooms and learn more about our trade program for design professionals.