Riad Tile Cement Tile will last for decades when installed properly.  These installation notes are basic guidelines, every project is different, so please consider consulting a professional contractor with prior cement tile installation experience.  Riad Tile will not be held responsible for errors or any problems due to installation.

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Printable Installation instructions PDF –  Important Installation Instructions
Precise Installation

Install on a dry, clean and leveled surface.  Deposits may appear on the tile surface from humid subsoil.
Tiles should be laid by hand and without hammering.  1/16″ joint line thickness is recommended. Cut tiles using a sharp diamond blade in conjunction with water to avoid chipping of edges


Tiles should be sealed after installation (before grouting) and once again after grouting.  Allow 2-3 days for sealer to cure after each application.
Use a penetrating sealer such as Miracle 511 Porous Plus Sealer.
Available at Floor and DecorHome Depot or Amazon.


Use Mapei, Laticrete or similar unsanded grout, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Using dark grout is discouraged, although it can be used with special care.  Dark grouts can stain lighter colors on tile and be extremely difficult to remove after installation .
Immediately remove and clean grout surplus with a wet sponge.

Post Installation

After installation, use a neutral detergent to wash cement tiles.
Any extra residue or mortar should be removed immediately.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean tiles regularly with a neutral detergent.
Buff tiles with white pad when needed.

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