5 Clever DIY Ways to Use Leftover Tile

Leftovers can get a bad rap, but when it comes to that stack of unused, surplus tiles from a recent project, don’t even think about relegating it to your garage, where it will never see the light of day again.

Instead, it’s time to think outside the tile box and put those extras to work with a smaller-scale DIY tile project.

Even if you have yet to tackle any big tiling jobs and don’t have leftovers laying around, these beautiful projects will have you ordering some tile samples or swinging by the store in no time flat.

Side Table with Unglazed Zellige Tile


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This simple but elegant side table by the talented @emilytartaglia makes us want to put those extra pieces to use—stat! 

Our Unglazed Natural Terracotta 4×4 Zellige tile adds the perfect amount of textural contrast—and contributes a warm earthiness to any space. 

We can totally see this table cozying up to a sofa or serving as a nightstand next to the bed. It would even be a beautiful addition to an outdoor patio.

Pedestal Stands with Glazed Zellige Tile


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These modular pedestal stands, designed for @wildflores.co by the gifted minds of @spacesbyhollievelten and @virdenhome, show off the power of playing with height and shape. 

They’re so lovely that they really stand alone—no pun intended—but we could definitely see them serving as the base for floral arrangements, plants, sculptures and more. 

These pedestals were created from our glazed 4×4 Zellige tiles, so they have a slightly more luminous effect. You can notice the beautiful, organic color variations in this Moroccan tile. We’ll take 10 in each size.

Planter with Terrazzo Tile

Speaking of plants, we are obsessed with a planter, which artist and surface designer Dana Finnigan created. 

While she painted her own design, we love the terrazzo-inspired patterning and couldn’t help but imagine our handmade Terrazzo tile’s deep colors and playful patterns put to use in a similar form here. Terrazzo is an encaustic cement tile, so it’s very durable for this type of use. 

Coasters with White Marble Tile

Whether you have our Calacatta or Carrara 5″ hexagon tiles left over, stunning white marble tiles should take center stage as coasters on your table. Just follow Merriment Design’s easy steps—the only thing you have to cut is the cork for the back!

The juxtaposition of smooth marble and earthy cork is surprisingly appealing.

We could even see the same coasters taking on a slightly moodier tone with our Nero Maquina black marble—or a beautiful blush effect with our Norwegian Rose marble.

Framed Art with Cement Patterned Tile

From our Big Erizo and Erizo color-saturated tiles, to our stunning Havana decorative black and white tile—and many more mesmerizing handmade cement tile options—there are many ways to create a gorgeous patterned tile work of art.

While you can just glue, mount, and frame, @therustynailga upped the ante with her variation that creatively puts a popular game and a cleaning tool to work. Look closely—it’s a Jenga frame and a mophead matte!

These five ideas only scratch the surface of what’s possible with Zellige tile, encaustic tile, white marble tile, and cement-patterned tile. Check out our full range of tile possibilities for your next small (or big!) project.

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