Pretty on Fridays’ Gorgeous Zellige Walls

White zellige has become one of the most popular varieties of tile in our collection for a few very good reasons. One is the interesting take these tiles provide on neutral tones, allowing designers to add off-white in varying shades to all sorts of different spaces. This is exactly what Deema of Pretty on Fridays did in her own kitchen reno:

In her blog, Deema meticulously lists out every change she made in her home, big and small, noting the characteristics of white zellige that we also appreciate:

“And the decision to do the tiles all the way up the ceiling made such an impact on the kitchen. I love the warmth and grit these Zellige tiles brought in to the space. Everything felt so new, and these tiles felt aged and old in the most wonderful way.”

The traditional methods used to create our white zellige  (seen here is our 2×6 Natural White zellige tiles) lend an unmistakably rustic appearance. Every tile is handcrafted in Morocco by artisans, and it shows in every delicate fissure, every slight color variation, and every tinge of pearlescence.

When asked about her favorite things in the new kitchen, this amazing designer gave an answer that we just can’t help but be proud of:

“It’s tough to pick a favorite design element, but I’d say those Zellige tiles on the walls really gave the kitchen that aged look I was looking for.”

We just can’t help but be flattered. It makes us immensely proud to see our tiles used in such tasteful settings, and we’re grateful to be able to work with designers as amazing as Deema from Pretty on Fridays. If you’d like to see our white zellige tile in person, please feel free to order a sample today!