Get The Moroccan Tile Nina Dobrev Used In Her California Home

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: at Riad, there’s little we love more than a celebrity home tour. There’s something magical about our favorite stars finding their way off the screen and onto the glossy pages of a design magazine. When a silhouette you’ve seen glide through a feature film appears with legs draped across a recognizable couch or hands clasped around a familiar-looking ceramic mug, the intangible saunters within reach. 

Our weekly customer spotlight exemplifies this phenomenon and then some. That’s because this week, we’re showing you everything you need to know about Nina Dobrev’s beautiful kitchen in her California home, which features our 2”x6” Natural White Zellige tiles, handmade in Morocco.

The Home

Nina’s kitchen builds off the character of her 1920s, Spanish-style house. “I wanted to pay respect to the original architecture,” she tells Architectural Digest in a video tour of her home. Her house was undergoing a renovation, but a successful home makeover knows how to preserve personality. “Even though we were redoing certain things,” Dobrev said, “I wanted to use materials that were organic and felt like they could have belonged to the home before.” She thus sourced materials from all over the world, including vintage terracotta flooring and a stove, both from Italy. 

The Kitchen

The focal point of her home tour is her kitchen, which could have come straight from the South of France. “I love having people over for dinner. I love cooking. I love sharing a glass of wine,” Dobrev asserts, underscoring the space’s importance. 

Of her design inspiration, specifically her sage green cabinets and paneling, Dobrev told AD, “I think I saw it on Instagram somewhere” (a sentence to which we can all relate). “There was this beautiful French kitchen…that was featured somewhere, and I just became obsessed.” 

The Tile

Dobrev’s home is an homage to the elegantly eclectic, as she keeps it ethereal and light while incorporating deep texture and moody focal points. Our Zellige reflects this theme in her kitchen backsplash by being delicate and distinct. Handmade in Morocco by master artisans with skills passed down through generations, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Dobrev highlighted her love of material mixing in regards to her Zellige backsplash. “I wanted to mix the materials again and get something that looked like a subway tile but had these imperfections,” she said. Running her hands along the glazed Moroccan Zellige for emphasis, Dobrev points out that  “each tile is different. They don’t lay perfectly flat on each other, there’s edges, and it feels textured and yummy against this really smooth butcher block.”

Take it from Nina Dobrev: our Zellige offers beautiful, dynamic style to any space. 

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