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Handmade Tile

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Encaustic tile-making is an art form that has remained relatively unchanged over the last century, relying on skilled craftsmen to make each one by hand. At Riad Tile, we adhere to this tradition, offering many different styles of handmade tile, each of which is imbued with the character that only handcrafted cement tile can offer.

What Our Handmade Tile Has to Offer

Handmade tile is the perfect blend of complexity and exceptional design. Each tile is handmade by our master craftsmen who utilize the skills they have gained through years of experience to create absolutely unmatched cement tile. These artisans specialize in building tiles that add rich coloration and fascinating texture in any space they are used. Best of all, we offer a wide variety of different handmade tiles, so you can find the perfect style for almost any setting.

Cement tile is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, patios, and even entryways into your home. No matter where you place them, cement tile makes a bold and unique stylistic statement

The Tile-Making Process

Encaustic tile is a time-tested décor option that graces everything from mid-century modern homes to Spanish villas. Our handmade tiles are crafted according to traditional, tried-and-true methods, and our many fascinating designs are produced by skilled craftsmen who specialize in designing and fashioning only the finest encaustic tile.

Our cement tiles are made up of a finely ground Portland cement layer, a much coarser layer of sand and cement, and natural pigments. These pigments give our tiles the rich coloration encaustic tile is known for, creating deep blues, vibrant pinks, and even verdant greens. After our craftsmen carefully mix and layer each tile, they hand-press every one individually to ensure quality and consistency, before sending the tiles off to cure for several weeks.

After pressing the layered cement, our tiles undergo a “cold curing” process, meaning that instead of rapidly hardening through heat (like ceramic), cement tiles cure slowly at cool temperatures and become incredibly durable due to the chemical changes that occur over time. After the several-week curing process, our handmade tiles are ready to be shipped to our customers, but even after the tiles are applied to a kitchen, bathroom, or patio, they will continue to mature. Cement tile ages extraordinarily well, and over time, they have been known to become more durable while their colors grow even richer and deeper.

From All of Us at Riad

Whether you are looking for an elegant splash of texture in your bathroom or a tasteful accent piece in your kitchen, handmade cement tiles are the perfect way to enhance your home. Riad Tile is dedicated to crafting gorgeous handmade tiles suitable for many different homes and decorative styles. Our hand-pressed tiles are as sophisticated as they are robust, and they can be installed in a wide variety of settings, both outside and inside your home. We offer a variety of styles so you can select the pattern that fits best with your space.

If you are uncertain of which tile to purchase or where to place it, please do not hesitate to contact us! We want to help you get the most out your tiling, so we are always willing to help you through the decision-making process. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!