Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo Tile effortlessly marries aesthetic appeal and sturdiness, featuring a fascinating speckled appearance and extremely durable construction.

When find the perfect flooring material for your home, you may be faced with the ever-present and frustrating decision between durability and visual appeal. There are many elegant flooring materials that simply cannot stand up to the test of time or the strain of day-to-day use, while on the other side of the coin, more durable options have a bland, plain appearance, sacrificing beauty for utility. With Terrazzo Tile, you can have the best of both worlds, as these fabulously textured tiles are sturdy enough to last, even in commercial settings.

Riad Tile specializes in the art of making fine tiles, and terrazzo tile provides unique opportunities for this artistry to flourish. Like its Italian ancestors, modern day terrazzo tile features a distinct look based on the materials used to compose it. Using components as varied as marble, granite, and stone, terrazzo tile can easily provide several amazing textures in one tile.

How to Make Terrazzo Tile

Riad is proud to be a terrazzo tile supplier and artisan tile-maker. While our terrazzo tile owes its identity to rich tradition, it is not beholden to the traditions of yesteryear! As time passes, so do trends, and since terrazzo tiles have been produced in their modern form since the 1920’s, there has been plenty of time to experiment with and improve their appearance to keep with modern decor.

Keeping with traditional build methods, Riad makes our terrazzo tiles by first pouring a cement base layer, before adding the small bits of stone that give the tiles their unique appearance. After the stone pieces are added and the cement dries, we carefully sand the whole tile down until it is completely smooth before applying sealant. Each tile is constructed with the utmost care, ensuring each one’s quality and beauty.

Adding Texture to a Room with Terrazzo Tile Flooring

Due to its natural durability, terrazzo tile works fantastically in a variety of settings, ranging from bathrooms to backsplashes to kitchen floors. However, terrazzo tile excels as a flooring material, providing any room in which it is applied with a vibrant and marvelous texture.

Riad’s terrazzo tiles utilize neutral color palettes to provide utterly distinct and impressive visuals. We offer bold black tiles flecked with bright white stones as well as our more subdued speckled white tiles. The beauty of neutral-colored tiles is in their versatility, as they can be used to accentuate existing stylistic decisions or become a centerpiece themselves. It’s all based on how you decide to use them! No matter how they’re used, you will be able to take advantage of these neutral-colored terrazzo tiles to bring an impressive air of style to almost any room.

Riad Terrazzo Tiles

At Riad Tile, we pride ourselves in our dedication to craftsmanship in everything we do! Our modern terrazzo tiles are crafted to make the most out of their distinctive aesthetic, proving to be a bold stylistic choice wherever they are placed.

If you are interested in learning more about terrazzo tile or the process in which they are created, please feel free to contact us! If you are considering making terrazzo tile your next bold stylistic choice, you can order a sample anytime!