Zellige Tiles and Renovation Ideas

With so many people using their unexpected downtime to start new projects around the home, it’s easy to get swept up in the fervor and feel the need to do the same. Seeing the bevy of influencers and friends take on exciting projects can be both encouraging and demoralizing in equal measures. In one moment, seeing a newly-finished kitchen may inspire you with new ideas and motivation to adopt something similar within your own home. In another, you may see a gorgeous bathroom remodel that makes you feel unaccomplished or incapable of creating something similarly exceptional. In either case, it’s important to keep yourself grounded and remember that your tastes and preferences should be the focal point of your renovation. Seeing what other people are doing is a great way to bring outside ideas and materials into your own vision, but be sure to remember that the ideas of others shouldn’t be the reason that you don’t go ahead with your own ambitious ideas. With that in mind, we always love to show off what our customers create using our tiling, and zellige tiles are currently providing a lot of examples of what happens when interior designers and DIYers let their creative vision run wild. 

Zellige Tiles and Your Next Project

Getting the momentum needed to begin a renovation project can be a challenge. Dreaming up new ideas may be easy enough, but uniting them into a single cohesive vision can get a bit tricky. That’s where having some sound examples of interior design can come in handy, and thankfully, there is no shortage of outstanding examples of zellige tiles in action to choose from.

Though they have a rich history in Morocco, Spain, and surrounding areas, zellige tiles are a relatively recent addition to the interior decor scene in the US. That said, these tiles quickly spread across the States, appearing in all manner of homes and spaces. They’ve been used in kitchens, bathrooms, pools, backsplashes, and entryways to both accent and act as a focal point of the room. In some cases, they completely transform conventional spaces, lending fabulous color to otherwise simple rooms.


This kitchen is an excellent example of the transformative power of vibrant zellige tiles. Of course, that’s not to say this kitchen is completely dependent on the tiling to make it interesting. The charming wood floors and elegant marble countertops are enough to make this quaint kitchen into a comfortable and stylish space. The zellige tiles’ role in this space is providing a new dimension to these classic design choices. These dark, rich 2×6 Emerald Green zellige tiles serve as an excellent contrast to the bright marble countertops and the white painted cabinets. They add a bit of dark color that creates a level of complexity not commonly seen in kitchens that rely on classic pieces like marble and wood floors. Additionally, the unique glaze of zellige is on full display thanks to the natural light provided by the window. All in all, this kitchen is an outstanding example of using something unique to bring a new dimension to a classic space. 

One of the best aspects of zellige tile is the significant variety of different colors available. From bold colors like Forest Green to more subdued and delicate hues like Blush, there is a color of zellige for nearly every situation and purpose. 


This kitchen, which uses our Natural White 4×4 zellige tiles, is an outstanding example of how softer colors of zellige can add notes of complexity to a space in strategic ways. You might not expect a simple off-white tile to make such a big difference in a space, but here you can see that Natural White zellige is far more than a simple off-white tile. Each and every zellige tile is the product of an artisanal handcrafting process with roots dating back centuries, imbuing individual tiles with a unique look. A single zellige tile is a wholly distinctive creation, with no 2 tiles ever being exactly the same. In the case of Natural White, some of the tiles are exactly off-white, while others may take on a hint of soft earthy brown or delicate grey. Some tiles may develop cosmetic hairline cracks that add a smattering of texture. Even the glaze may vary slightly between tiles, with some taking on a glittering iridescence and others a smooth matte. Whatever the results, these variations are significant enough to give a zellige application a sense of rustic charm without making it look gaudy or patched together. 

In this kitchen, the gentle variation flawlessly offset the clean white cabinets, adding tinges of color that only augments the vibrance of the space. In addition to this fabulous look, these zellige tiles are remarkably practical for a backsplash application, as they are easily cleaned and naturally water-resistant.

Kitchens aren’t the only place in the home that zellige tiles can be used in. They are also incredibly well-suited for numerous applications for your bathroom renovation. 


This bathroom also makes use of our 4×4 Natural White zellige tiles (if you haven’t already guessed, these tiles are among our most popular!), creating shower walls that perfectly match up with the terrazzo tile floor. This application does a great job of playing up the color variations present in this tile. Instead of using the color variations to darken brighter colors, this designer made the variations the focal point in itself, prominently showing off one of the most interesting facets of this tile.

Getting Started with Riad Tile

At Riad Tile, we make it our mission to make sure that you have access to the materials you need for your home renovation project, from start to finish. Whether you use stylish zellige tiles or one of our other offerings, you can rest assured that with Riad Tile, you are getting the best price on high-quality tiling, so you don’t have to settle for imitations or shortcuts. If you’d like to see any of our tiling in person, please feel free to order a sample anytime and we’ll ship directly to your front door.