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The Possibilities of Black Marble Tile

Nero Marquina, the marble variety Riad Tile uses for our black marble tile, is a wonderfully sleek marble with a glossy black color and white striations scattered throughout. Only found in a handful of quarries across the world, Nero Marquina owes its growing popularity to its rich color and vibrant contrast. Our black marble tile takes the beauty of exquisite Nero Marquina marble and gives it a more flexible format than traditional slabs, opening up new possibilities for our customers and designers. 

With several different available shapes and a simple-but-striking color scheme, our black marble tile is the perfect choice for designers who want to add boldness and elegance to their homes. We offer multiple styles of black marble mosaic tile, including our Nero Marquina Herringbone tile, Nero Marquina black marble Hexagon tile, and our signature Casablanca Carrara and Nero Marquina Hexagon black and white marble tile. We also offer standard Nero Marquina 6×12 subway tile. All of our Nero Marquina offerings are carefully inspected for quality and consistency before being polished to shining perfection.

About Nero Marquina, Our Preferred Black Marble

Like all marble, Nero Marquina owes its appearance to region-specific natural processes, but this black marble is especially fascinating. There are only a few places across the world where the natural geological conditions produce Nero Marquina’s lovely black marbling. Nero Marquina quarries can be found in China, Iran, and Spain’s Basque Country, where natural bitumen, a semisolid type of petroleum, is present in abundance. Bitumen infuses the marble through the earth’s immense heat and pressure, which actually tints the marble a shade of dark grey rather than the jet black our customers enjoy. After the dark grey slabs are removed from the earth and hewn into the proper shape, they undergo a meticulous polishing process that reveals the gleaming black present in every Nero Marquina slab.

Our black marble tile is the perfect way to introduce complex darkness into your latest renovation while preserving the color present in the rest of the room and surrounding decor. Marble’s reflective surface tends to absorb and reflect light, causing our tiles to glow in the right light and offsetting the darkness of the black marble background. The natural white striations add just a dash of light to the sleek tile, opening it to further contrast with your preferred decor.  

Embracing Exquisite Nero Marquina

At Riad Tile, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality materials at prices that make them accessible to the average person. Through strategic partnerships across the supply chain, we are able to keep our costs and prices low. Our prices on Nero Marquina black marble tile are among the lowest in the US, because we believe that you shouldn’t have to accept substitutions or low quality materials when you want to build your dream space. Our black marble tile is carefully sourced, inspected individually, and polished to a near-perfect obsidian finish.

If you’re interested in seeing our Nero Marquina tile offerings in person, please feel free to order a sample today and we’ll ship directly to your front door.