3 Unique Twists on Tile to Transform Utility Rooms

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are the ultimate utility players in a home, meaning they sometimes don’t get the kind of design attention that’s typically showered on spaces like kitchens, baths, and bedrooms.

But that doesn’t mean that these rooms have to be the afterthought. Function AND form can come together in these spaces, and tile can be your best friend in preventing a snooze fest of a space.

Here are just a few ways you can add some spark. Fair warning: If you take on one of these transformations, you may actually look forward to all those chores.

Multifunctional and Monochromatic Mudroom with Terrazzo Tile


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A post shared by Tampa Designer | Keeley Toro (@keeleytorodesign)

This mudroom is more than just a genius use of space. It exudes cool style and takes black and white tile to a new dimension—starting with the pebbled effect of our black Terrazzo 12″x12″ squares.

This type of cement tile is such a striking way to define a space from the ground up—and, here, the light wood lends warmth to the monochromatic effect.

Designed by Keeley Toro Design, this utility space was also customized for the clients’ fur babies—that’s where the dog bath with the shower wand and elevated platform comes in. Pup baths are a breeze with this feature, and we love how the black and white cement tile coordinates beautifully with the terrazzo floor.

6 Shades of Gray with Steel Gray 4×4 Zellige Tile


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 Who said laundry rooms can’t show off their sexy side?

 There’s no space too small for a Zellige tile upgrade—and DIY powerhouse @thefurnituredr has proven it with her vision for a new laundry closet to love.

 She intentionally maximized the natural color and size variations in our handmade Steel Grey 4″x4″ Zellige tile by hand-sorting and arranging them to ensure they blended in a way she loved. Plus, the lighting brings out the rich hues of this Moroccan tile.

 While painting the walls might have been the default move for a space like this, Zellige tile is an attractive way to breathe fresh life into this micro-room.

Pattern Play for Laundry Day with Crest Blue Tile


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A post shared by James & Megan Haughery (@33rdstreetnorth)

The Crest Blue cement tile floor, spotted at @33rdStreetNorth, is definitely doing all the talking in this work-in-progress laundry room. No longer will folding all those piles of clothes feel like a chore with this mesmerizing and playful way to infuse energy into this space. 

The sky’s the limit on this type of handmade, encaustic cement tile; it’s so versatile that you can install it on floors, walls, showers, and more — in an endless array of patterns.

Modern Midcentury with 2×8 White Cement Tile


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For an infusion of modern midcentury style into any utility space, subway tile can do the trick—and don’t be shy to put it all over the walls and floors.

Also seen at @33rdStreetNorth, our 2″x8″ White Cement tile is on its way to adding a sleekly mod personality to this room. 

Just imagine this go-anywhere encaustic tile transforming the four walls of any ho-hum laundry room into an instantly more relaxed space! 

These designs show how a slight twist on tile can transform a formerly uninspiring utility space into a beloved part of a home. From Zellige tile to black and white tile, cement-patterned tile and so much more, it’s all about thinking outside the laundry bin here. 

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