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Using Tile to Build a Marble Checkerboard Floor

Marble checkerboard floors are growing in popularity and for good reason! Merging the organic beauty of marble with the classic checkerboard pattern truly brings forth the best of both. Marble checkerboard floors are among the most aesthetically pleasing variations on the checkered theme, the signature striations and shimmer of marble augmenting this classic pattern. Rather than solid, plain black and white, marble checkerboard floors bring a more natural, organic look to this classic pattern. 

Riad Tile’s Options

Our marble checkerboard tile is available in multiple sizes, using several different varieties of marble. Here’s a quick rundown on each of the varieties of marble Riad Tile uses for our checkerboard patterns:


A resolute-yet-delicate variety of gray marble quarried in northern Italy. Bardiglio offers a dark gray coloration streaked with tinges of lighter gray, making it a perfect partner for other types of marble. 

Nero Marquina

A deep black marble crackling with bright white veining. Nero Marquina is something of a rare marble, produced by uncommon geologic processes occurring in only a handful of places across the globe. 

Calacatta Gold

With tinges of bright gold and soft gray, this vibrant white tile is known across the world for its luxurious look. Calacatta Gold is held in high esteem and is considered to be one of the finest varieties of marble. 

Casablanca Carrara

Riad Tile’s signature white marble. Casablanca Carrara is a delicate off-white with soft gray veining. Our customers have used Casablanca Carrara for spaces across the stylistic spectrum.

Italian Statuary

The quintessential white marble, Italian Statuary is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of white marble. Our Italian Statuary is sourced from the most esteemed Italian quarries.

We offer our marble checkerboards in multiple configurations, so you can choose your favorite combination:

  • 12×12” with Calacatta Gold and Bardiglio
  • 12×12” with Calacatta Gold and Nero Marquina
  • 3×3” with Casablanca Carrara and Bardiglio
  • 3×3” with Casablanca Carrara and Nero Marquina
  • 12×12” with Casablanca Carrara and Bardiglio
  • 12×12” with Casablanca Carrara and Nero Marquina
  • 12×12” with Italian Statuary marble and Bardiglio
  • 12×12” with Italian Statuary marble and Nero Marquina

A Combination of Classics

The history of checkered floors goes back centuries, and the style has endured across countless decor eras. From the grandiose opulence of art deco to the colorful, classic mid-century, black-and-white checkered tile has proven its versatility time and time again. We love marble checkerboard floors, and we know you will too! 

At Riad Tile, we make selections that give you access to the highest quality materials for accessible prices. To do that, we make strategic partnerships with our suppliers to keep our prices low without sacrificing the quality you expect. Our prices on checkerboard marble tiles are among the lowest in the US, and we work extra hard to keep them that way. 

If you’re interested in seeing our marble tiles in person, order a sample anytime and we’ll ship it directly to your front door. If you happen to be in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our showrooms