Hop into Spring with a Unique Tile Upgrade for Your Home

Does your home need a spring renovation? Look at some of our favorite eccentric springtime tile renovations if you need inspiration. From showers to indoor porches, these featured projects used Riad tile to upgrade their own homes just in time for spring. 

Terrazzo Showers

@_camp_emma_’s A-frame cabin on Cedar Creek Lake is a lovely example of Terrazzo tile bathroom decor. Their shower uses Terrazzo Blush 12″x12″ tile, a stoic bathroom tile that is minimalistic but has just enough color to be eye-catching. If your shower needs a spruce-up, look no further. Just look at how the Terrazzo Blush 12″x12″ tile matches the deep reds of the bathroom paint and the whites of the natural spring sunlight. It’s a gorgeous view.


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Terrazzo tiles come in various colors and have become popular for homes in recent years due to their refined look. If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom renovation, Terrazzo tiles are one of the best tiles to start with.

Terracotta Is Perfect for Indoor Porches

Most tiles are squares or rectangles, but the Terracotta Star & Cross tile used by Vintage Interior Designer @katepearcevintage gives her indoor porch a charming finishing touch. Despite using white furniture and drapes, this room does not look dry in the slightest due to the tile pattern and color. Plus, the burnt orange of the Terracotta and the bright greens of the indoor leaves are fantastic complimentary colors.

An indoor porch is a cozy addition to any home. What makes it such a challenging project is keeping it warm for plants and fauna while ensuring it is a comfy space to chill in. Terracotta is a beautiful choice, as it looks sleek, is highly durable, and absorbs heat. Start your spring off right with an indoor porch of your own.

Make the Space Pop

We are in love with the two Riad tiles used in @kimspradlinwolfe’s home renovation. The Terrazzo Terra 12” x 12” and Blush Thin Zellige 2 “x 6” tiles make each room look like an Andy Warhol painting come to life. Both tiles offer striking colors to this project, making it one of our favorites.

Blush Thin Zellige 2 “x6” tiles make the shower sing by adding a splash of color to the white backdrop. Their pairing with the Terrazzo Terra 12” x12” tiles is stunning. Pairing two tiles together is always a brilliant idea. What better way to make a tile pop than with another tile?

These projects highlight a few of the ways to liven up your home. Tiles breathe new life into any renovation. They’re the best way to upgrade your home for springtime.