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Bardiglio Marble Tile

Bardiglio is a variety of marble with a dark gray coloration streaked with veins of lighter gray

Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and more, Bardiglio provides a soothing neutrality that never feels monotonous. Bardiglio is quarried in the mountains of northern Italy, so it delivers the natural beauty of the Old World wherever it’s applied. To accentuate this calming, gorgeous look, we offer finely-honed Bardiglio marble tile that brings a stunning depth to the soothing grays present in this amazing marble. 

Our Bardiglio Marble Tile Offerings

Riad Tile’s Bardiglio marble tile is cut into several distinctive patterns, ranging from classic subway tile to exciting marble checkerboard. What we have available:

  • 12×12” Square
  • 6×12” Subway
  • 12×12” checkerboard with vibrant Calacatta Gold
  • 12×12” checkerboard with classic Italian Statuary marble
  • 12×12” checkerboard with our signature Casablanca Carrara
  • 3×3” checkerboard with our signature Casablanca Carrara

At Riad Tile, our goal has always been to make high quality materials accessible. Our Bardiglio gray marble selections were chosen with the intent of giving you the tools you need to build your dream space, compromise-free. 

What Makes Bardiglio Gray Special?

Wherever marble is placed, it tends to make its presence known. Bardiglio is no exception, but what makes Bardiglio unique is its relatively understated nature. The tile’s soft gray neutrality opens up a world of possibilities for uses all throughout the home, from floor-to-ceiling kitchen backsplashes to small accenting shower niches. Bardiglio never seems to overstay its welcome the way that some more assertive materials might, but it still offers up plenty of the shimmery, striated appeal that marble is best known for. 

Bardilgio Grey marble tile is perfect for those who want the brilliant beauty that only authentic marble can bring but don’t necessarily want the vivid brightness that often accompanies lighter shades of marble. Our Bardiglio marble tile is the ideal in-between for the boldness of black marble, the vibrance of white marble, and the excitement of colorful marble. It lies in the middle without compromising a thing, existing to unite disparate interior design elements without fading into the background. 

Riad Tile

Riad Tile aspires to give our customers the highest quality materials at prices that make them accessible. Through our strategic partnerships, we keep our costs and prices low without ever sacrificing quality. Our prices on honed Bardiglio marble tile are among the lowest in the US, because we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality to build your ideal space.  Like all of our marble, Riad Tile’s Bardiglio gray marble is carefully sourced, inspected individually, and honed to a near-perfect finish.

If you’re interested in seeing our offerings in person, order a sample anytime and we’ll ship it directly to your front door. If you happen to be in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, don’t hesitate to stop by one of our showrooms