A Complete Guide to Picking Your New Bathroom Tile

Choosing tile for your bathroom renovation is exciting, but all those options might make it feel overwhelming. How do you know what tile color, size, material and pattern is right for your space?

Don’t stress! This guide explains how to pick out your new bathroom tile with renovation examples featuring some popular tiles.

Set a Budget

The first step in any bathroom renovation is setting a budget. Knowing the amount you can spend will determine the type of tile you choose. From ceramic to marble to cement and more, Riad’s expansive tile inventory accommodates a wide array of budgets.

Choose a Color Palette

A color palette adds character and style to your bathroom. Choose a color scheme that matches your taste and decor preferences—and complements your home’s decor.

Neutral shades like white, off-white and gray offer classic appeal. Light colors can also make a space look bigger. Earthy colors like beiges, tans and pinks add trendy yet timeless flair. For contrast, you can mix shades. 


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Our NOLA Pink cement tile on the wall in this renovation warms the space and pops against the white floor. 


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And we love how @chrispardodesign uses this dark, gorgeous green cement tile as an accent wall that also covers the back of the shower.

Many different hues run through marble veins. For instance, our new Calacatta Gold Marble features a white base with an exquisite blend of ochre, gray, and soft gold.

A backsplash, cabinet hardware, and fixtures can also bring pops of color into your bathroom design.

Pick a Grout Color and Thickness

Grout color and thickness affect the finished look of your tile. Thin, light-colored grout lines between tightly spaced tiles sometimes blend so well that you can’t see them. On the other hand, a dark and thick grout line can make tile patterns and color variations stand out.

Base your choice on whether you want a subtle design or something more distinctive. We recommend grout varieties to go along with tile selections to make things easier. 

Select a Tile Size

Tile size gives scale to your bathroom design and impacts the overall aesthetic. Large tiles create a modern look and can make a small bathroom look bigger. For example, 6″x12″ marble subway tile offers a bold flooring look. By comparison, 3″x6″ subway tile is perfect for backsplashes and shower walls. Mixing large and small scale adds a unique style to a space.


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This beautiful bathroom remodel example from @TUFT&TRIM Interior Design Studio features our delicate marble subway tile on a shower wall. The lovely brass showerhead and whimsical floral wallpaper enhance and complete the look.

Choose a Tile Material

When choosing a tile material, aim to strike a balance between form and functionality. For instance, ceramic tile might work better than marble in a child’s bathroom. On the other hand, Marble is an elegant choice master bath or formal powder room. Here’s a list of common tile materials:

Pick a Tile Shape and Pattern

Tiles come in many shapes, like square, subway, herringbone, hexagon, and penny, in various vibrant, eye-catching patterns. To elevate your design, consider mixing shapes and patterns. You can also add finishing touches like tile border and trim.


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In this stunning example, @thetexasaframe used our Nola Green Cement Tile’s unique shape and pattern to make a bold frame around a white soaker tub in a guest bath.


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For a classic look, this Diamond Mosaic marble makeover delivers a luxurious bathroom retreat.

Making the right tile choices for your bathroom renovation can help make your home design dreams come true!