Kitchen Makeover Must-Sees: Inspiring Ideas for Your Home

At Riad Tile, we love spotlighting our customers’ beautiful DIY designs and showcasing the transformations they could achieve with our handcrafted tiles. Today, we’re focusing on the heart of the home: the kitchen.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for fresh ideas, an interior designer seeking inspiration, or a renovation company on the lookout for quality materials, here are some kitchen makeovers that caught our eye.

A Backsplash to Remember


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Before the makeover, this kitchen had a plain, outdated backsplash lacking any hint of personality or style. But after @homewiththehellers installed our Natural White Zellige tiles, the space was given a new life. The textured and slightly imperfect surface of the Zellige tiles added depth and character to the kitchen, creating a stunning focal point.

Counter-to-Ceiling Tile


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Speaking of our Natural White Zellige tiles, this kitchen took the tile trend to new heights by extending the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. The result? A stunning visual statement that adds texture and interest to the entire space.

The marble countertop, gold accents, and cream-colored cabinetry complement the rich and earthy tones of the Zellige tiles, creating an elegant and cohesive aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in this gorgeous kitchen?

Gold, Marble, and Zellige


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In a different but very similar kitchen makeover, @theramblingredhead used our Natural White Zellige tiles as the focal point of their kitchen design. Each wall features a beautiful arrangement of Zellige tiles.

The Zellige tiles bring a touch of rustic charm and warmth to the space when paired with the luxe gold accents, sleek marble countertops, and black lower cabinets. We honestly can’t get enough of this stunning combination!

A Cozy Kitchen Transformation


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A post shared by Jana Roach (@janaroach)

This cozy kitchen reno by @janaroach shows how a few simple changes can completely transform a space. The natural wood, glass cabinet displays, and neutral color palette create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Adding our Snow White Zellige tiles as the backsplash completes the look and brings a subtle pop of texture and visual interest to the kitchen. And even though the changes may seem small, they make a significant impact in elevating the overall aesthetic and creating a cozy and stylish kitchen.

Just look at this video of the kitchen makeover:


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Could you imagine being anywhere cozier than this beautiful kitchen?

Complete Your Next Project with Riad Tile

Creating a welcoming space of your own is easier than you think, and with these kitchen makeovers as inspiration, you can transform your kitchen into a culinary haven you’ll never want to leave.

Our range of Zellige tiles, available in various colors and sizes, offers endless possibilities for adding character and charm to your kitchen. Whether you go bold with a statement wall of Zellige tiles or a subtle backsplash, the unique textures and rich colors will undoubtedly add depth and personality to your space.

Remember, a kitchen makeover isn’t just about functionality; it’s about turning a space into a work of art. We hope these highlighted renovations have sparked your creativity and inspired you to create the kitchen of your dreams.