Designer Uses a Few Expert Tile Choices to Transform a Laundry Room

If you ask most people, the laundry room is a place for chores, stress, and cleaning products. Could it be something more? Designer Jaclyn Marie (@jaclynmari_) certainly thought so, and she proved it with this stunning laundry room transformation. From her use of neutral colors to her clever tile choices, this renovation is a beautiful example of making all your spaces enjoyable.

Using a Peaceful Palette

To escape the sinking feeling many of us experience when we head to the laundry room, Jaclyn Marie chose a peaceful palette to immediately project a serene and comforting space.


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Her choice to match the cabinet and backsplash colors helps make the room feel larger. The Snow White Zellige 4”x4” tile has just the right amount of character to elevate the space without removing the soothing nature of a clean, crisp white. 

Rather than introduce another color scheme for the flooring, Jaclyn Marie chose to marry the light and dark elements of the room in a classic checkerboard pattern using our Casablanca Carrara & Bardiglio Grey Marble 12”x12” tiles. By focusing on calm, neutral colors, this designer was able to take our minds off the task of folding clothes while we enjoyed a moment of peace.

Celebrating Unique Details

When Jaclyn Marie designed this room, she must have known that the unique details would take center stage. After all, a laundry room doesn’t usually hold much furniture or many accessories. The primary large pieces are rather mundane, no matter what finish you select from the appliance store. So, the interest and depth must come from somewhere else: the details.


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Something simple like pocket door hardware instantly elevates the room and invites guests to find other memorable details in other areas. The gold fixtures are carried throughout the space as a nice bridge between the light and dark elements elsewhere.

To capitalize on this celebration of unique details, the tile for the walls needed to be one of a kind. What better choice than Zellige? These handmade tiles are coveted for their organic variation, creating a unique installation every time. Our Snow 4”x4” Zellige tile is the perfect way to add detail to the backsplash without adding busyness or color. This clever use of tile in the laundry room makes the space feel purposeful, not just practical.

Elevating Form and Function

First and foremost, this laundry room needed to be functional. While some rooms in our homes can serve primarily decorative roles, a laundry room must be ready for the wear and tear of daily life. We love that the designer and client chose durable materials for the room to ensure it could withstand heavy use. What do we love even more? The fact that these materials don’t sacrifice style for function.

The best laundry room tile should hold up to countless water spills, basket scrapes, and mud emergencies. Our Casablanca Carrara & Bardiglio Grey Marble 12”x12” tiles on the floor are durable enough for this utility space and simultaneously make quite the style statement. 

Because marble has natural veining throughout, it automatically hides the occasional scrape or stain without ruining the entire look. The timeless elegance that a checkerboard floor brings to the space elevates our idea of what a genuinely lived-in utility room could look like.

This glow-up inspires our laundry room renovation ideas for the new year.