Big Kitchen Transformation from Sachi Lord

Thanks to a winning combination of pleasant neutrality and delicate, fascinating imperfections, white zellige tile continues to be a huge hit in homes all over the US. More and more designers are seeing the potential of this incredible tile, and some, like the brilliant Sachi Lord, are taking white zellige to new heights. 

It’s amazing what the right materials and an eye for design can do for a kitchen. In her blog, Sachi talked a bit about the process:

“Besides the skylight install and the countertop install, we did everything ourselves. Tiling, framing, drywalling, flooring- you name it, we did it.”

This amazing kitchen reno prominently displays our Snow zellige tile in 2×6 alongside all manner of unique bits of decor. 

In just a few words, Sachi perfectly captured how we feel about this tile:

“Imperfect, handmade beautiful-ness. Oh boy am I glad I didn’t skimp on this one.”

 “This tile really elevated the entire feel of the space. We chose the “Snow” 2’x6 Zellige, and used Mapei Grout in “Avalanche.””

There’s really nothing better than collaborating with designers as amazing as Sachi, and we are absolutely thrilled with just how outstanding this kitchen turned out. We look forward to all her future projects. If you haven’t already, be sure to go check out Sachi’s blog!