Unique Zellige Tile Bathrooms

Zellige tile seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason. This glossy, gorgeous handcrafted tile is the perfect complement to a wide variety of different interior design styles and is simply exploding in popularity. From bold appearances as backsplashes in modern kitchens to subtle accent pieces in charming half-baths, zellige tile has proven to be the rare combination of iconic and versatile. The only thing that impresses more than the zellige tiles themselves is seeing them in action. Ever since we introduced zellige to our line in late 2018, we at Riad Tile have been utterly astounded by the amazingly unique applications created by our customers. We’ve seen professional interior designers and DIY-enthusiasts alike embrace zellige tile in kitchens, bathrooms, and even on fireplaces to great effect. Each application is as unique as the designers themselves, showing the incredible array of different possibilities provided by this amazing tile.

With uses all around the home and a spectrum of colors to choose from, considering what you might want to do with a zellige application might seem a bit overwhelming. You might have decided on your ideal shade of zellige for your master bath revamp, only to discover through the samples you ordered that you don’t love the color in conjunction with your cabinets and that something darker would work better. Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding between a counter-to-ceiling backsplash or a small backsplash that hovers just above the sink. Versatility, while an excellent quality for decor, can lead to some challenges in the decision-making process. If you (like many of us!) are having a hard time trying to figure out where to get started for your bathroom project, maybe all you need is a little bit of inspiration! 

Innovative Zellige Tile Bathrooms

If you haven’t already noticed, we absolutely LOVE everything about zellige. This amazing tile looks like nothing else out there, and because of the unique way each tile is created, its signature look won’t be replicated in the future. In a bathroom setting, zellige can be used to achieve a bunch of different goals, ranging from adding a bit light to splashing the room with color to creating a sense of rustic charm. Due to their distinctive look, the possibilities presented by zellige are only limited by the imagination. 


In this first example, you can easily see how even the smallest, most seemingly subtle application of our handcrafted zellige makes all the difference. The natural wood finish in this bathroom is absolutely stunning, masterfully offsetting the soft white of the walls to create a very comfortable and homey space. Riad Tile’s 2×6 Sea Green Zellige Tile is the perfect match for this space for a few different reasons. For starters, the pigmentation used to create this shade of zellige tends to also create light earth tones, leading to the presence of an earthy brown shade. This unique color is perfect for spaces that feature natural wood finishes, as the brown shades match just enough while the light green provides a flawless contrast. Using only a relatively small Sea Green Zellige backsplash, the designer of this bathroom adds the perfect amount of contrast and color to this space.


Though it is well known for its wide variety of colors, zellige also comes in significantly more subdued shades. In this example created by another of our amazing customers, you can see our 4×4 Natural White Zellige Tile in a stunning application which actually contrasts with another of our tiles, Terrazzo Black. This gorgeous use of zellige is a testament to how contrast can be used to create a space that is both comfortable and stylistically fascinating. As you can see, while the space features a good deal of natural light, the features of the room, including the flooring, backsplash, and cabinets, are all a bit of a darker shade. Our Natural White Zellige makes use of this natural light, reflecting just enough to add a bit of levity to the space without diminishing any of the gorgeous features of this bathroom. In addition, the soft color is a perfect contrast to the dark features of the room, as something too bright or stark would only make the dark features seem darker. With this use of Natural White Zellige, the deep, rich colors of this bathroom are at their absolute best. 

These examples of zellige tile bathrooms are a testament to the creativity of our customers, the versatility of the tiles themselves, and the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into each one. In just two examples of zellige tile bathrooms, zellige proves that is at home in a variety of settings. Despite some commonalities, each of these spaces is quite different, showcasing different scenarios and uses for zellige tile. While the first bathroom uses Sea Green Zellige as a subtle accent piece, the second uses prominent application of Natural White Zellige on multiple walls. The former focuses on light woods and brighter colors, while the second utilizes natural light and zellige to balance its dark wood cabinets, black backsplash, and Terrazzo Black flooring. These two spaces are, on paper, pretty different from one another, yet both use zellige to great effect. 

Using Rustic Tiles in a Modern Setting

Because zellige is so new to the U.S., many people don’t realize that zellige has an incredible history dating back nearly 1000 years. Zellij was originally made in Morocco individually by hand and kiln-fired over olive branches. Our zellige tile is made in exactly the same way. We order all of our zellige directly from the Moroccan artisans who have perfected the art of zellij and make each tile by hand. Zellige tile is given its signature look, which features slight irregularities that serve to add contrast and texture, only by using this specific method of handcrafting. 

With this in mind, you might be wondering, “How can I use something with such an old design in my home?” This is a perfectly reasonable question that can be answered by looking at the design of zellige in depth and comparing it to your own home’s interior design.

Despite its rustic build process, zellij has proven to be quite at home in many modern spaces. This can be attributed to several different aspects shared by most shades of zellige. Each zellige tile is unique due to the building process. During this process zellige gains many of the features that make up its signature look, including slight hairline fractures, soft color variations, and even slight chipping, revealing the terracotta base underneath. What’s more, zellige features a shiny glaze that has proven to be incredibly popular in many modern kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and even fireplaces. Zellij’s shiny glaze provides a dose of vibrance the can’t truly be replicated by any other style of tile. For example, look at how is zellige is used in this bright, airy kitchen.


In the previous examples, we talked a little bit about contrast. In this example however, we see how zellige can be used to match decor of similar color. This kitchen features white cabinets, a bright marble countertop, and even a white ceiling. On paper, one might not think that our Snow White Zellige would be the best pair for a kitchen that features so much white already, but in this case, Snow White Zellige shows its place. The off-white of the Snow White Zellige softens the brightness of the surrounding kitchen, playing to the strengths of the vibrant walls and cabinets. Additionally, applied to the white walls, you can really see the subtle variations present in Snow White Zellige, as the variations contrast with the countertop and cabinets. In this case, the variations in color serve to create a bit of texture in the kitchen, adding a touch of color where it counts. 

Though well-renowned for its gorgeous color, shiny glaze, and fascinating color and texture variations, the art of zellij brings one quality to the table that can’t be found in any modern decor: history. This centuries-old art form has been completely perfected by the artisans who handcraft each tile. Each application of zellige isn’t simply another gorgeous feature for the home, it’s a statement rooted in the history of the Old World and in generations of craftsmen. 

Growing in Popularity

Over the last year or so, Zellij has quickly gained a foothold in modern interior design. Its vibrant color, unique texture, and glossy finish has proven to be as versatile as it is fascinating, with high potential for a wide array of arrangements and applications. Due to this skyrocketing popularity, zellige can now be found in homes of all styles across the U.S. 

At Riad Tile, part of what we enjoy most about zellige is the stunning variety of colors available. Using natural pigment, zellij artisans are able to achieve a stunning quantity of different colors, with even more color variation within each individual order. Due to this variation, no two zellige orders are ever exactly the same, meaning that every single application is totally and completely unique. 

At Riad Tile, we work hard to continually expand our selections, offering our customers a wider variety to choose from so they can create their ideal space. With this in mind, we are so excited to announce our new Hexagon Zellige, coming later this fall!


As we’ve seen our customers creating more and more unique zellige applications, we’ve been so incredibly impressed with the wide variety of backsplashes, entryways, and bathrooms. Our new Hexagon Zellige brings the unique look of zellige to new mosaic-style patterns. This shape opens up a whole new set of interior design possibilities, allowing our customers to explore their preferences and creativity in a whole new way. We are so looking forward to seeing how you choose to use this new tile in making a space all your own!

Our Moroccan Zellij

With its incredible versatility, one-of-a-kind appearance, and build quality born from centuries of perfection, zellige isn’t just this year’s hot interior decor. It is a dash of Old World culture, direct from Moroccan craftsmen, that you can apply in your very own home. Zellige allows you to truly explore your design preferences, with ample freedom to make something memorable, distinctive, and above all else, yours. Because at the end of the day, the ideal zellige application is the one that looks perfect to you. 

The zellige we at Riad Tile include in our selections is crafted according to time-tested methods and principles, ensuring a level of quality that is only attained by years of practice and ages of perfection. We offer a spectrum of different colors, ranging from the deep, rich Emerald Green to the soft, charming Mediterranean Blue to the perhaps surprisingly multifaceted Black zellige. While we find that the naturally-forming hairline cracks and slight chips are an amazing part of classic zellij, if you want your application to be free of these imperfections, we recommend ordering 20% to 30% more tile if you aren’t interested in this aspect of zellige. Zellige can be placed in many locations around the home, but you should avoid placing zellige as flooring in areas with high foot traffic or areas in which a heavy impact may be likely.

If you’re interested in seeing our wide variety of colorful zellige in person, please feel free to order a sample today, or stop by our display in the PURVEYORhome showroom, located in the Dallas Design District.