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SOL 4000

dreamy and mesmerizing

With a soft blue hue and a spacious, hypnotic design, Sol 4000 exudes a soothing quality wherever it’s placed. Sol 4000’s relaxed features are contrasted by a robust pattern that accentuates the fabulous color, giving this tile an exceptional sense of space and movement.

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intricate and refined

This tile’s soft, subdued coloration is the perfect match for its delicate, complex pattern. Emma Grey is masterfully designed to use neutral colors to create a stunning tapestry. Emma Grey boasts a wholly unique pattern and gorgeous visuals that are at home in a variety of different settings.

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vibrant and vivacious

With its unique and lively appearance, Sol Pink is one of our most exciting designs to date! Sol Pink features a burst of bright, rich coloration complemented by hand-pressed pattern that highlights each tile’s natural pigmentation. Sol Pink is truly a bold beauty!

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