Our New Checkerboard Tiles Can Truly Elevate Your Space

Checkerboard tile has a long history and remains a popular trend for upscale designs. First seen in paintings from Ancient Egypt, then a famous symbol for the Masons, checkerboard flooring became popular in the United States in the 1950s as a frequently used pattern for diner floors. Today, designers use checkerboard patterns to make a statement with front hallway entrances, kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces.


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You will find checkerboard flooring on Instagram designer feeds, including Hapdesigns, Schumacher, The Hygge House, and 21 Designs. Sites including The Identite, Homes and Gardens, and Curated Interior are also writing about checkerboard trends. If you want to bring a wow factor to your next home improvement project, this may be the style for you. There are endless possibilities for integrating the checkerboard look into your home

Quality matters when selecting tiles, and Riad’s marble checkerboard tiles are first-class. The word “marble” originates from the Greek word mármaros or “shining stone.” These shining stones with various color combinations will meet every designer and homeowner’s needs. Each bundle includes stunning dual-color designs. These marbles include:

Casablanca Carrara

Carrara Marble is quarried from Tuscany, Italy, and was used for sculptures since Ancient Rome. It is a popular design choice because of its classic elegance. The tile has a light grey veining described as feathery. 

Italian Statuary 

Italian Statuary is a quintessential marble also from the Carrara region of Italy. Many world-famous sculptors, including Michaelangelo, used this marble, earning it the name Statuary. The marble is white with dark grey and sometimes gold veining. It tends to have less variation in color than the Casablanca and darker veining. 

Bardiglio Grey Marble

The Bardiglio is Italian for grey, and the marble received the name because it commonly has dark grey or bluish coloring in its principal varieties. Sourced in the neighborhood of Carrara, the color comes from the presence of cryptocrystalline pyrite in the area. The greys range from dark to blackish and often have a veiny pattern. 

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina Marble is a high-quality limestone extracted from Markina in the North of Spain. Bitumen causes its stunning black color. The tiles have thin white veining and are paired with lighter colors for elegant checkerboard styles. 

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold is a luxurious marble often used in palaces and cathedrals. Quarried in the mountains of Carrara, Italy, it is considered a prestigious stone sought after for the dramatic gold veining that runs through the classic white. The bright white pairs well with greys and blacks for a unique, elegant checkerboard style. 

Riad’s Checkerboard Styles

Casablanca Carrara & Bardiglio Grey Marble Honed 3″ Mosaic

The classic white Casablanca paired with the dark Bardiglio Grey makes for a stunning checkerboard pattern. These three-inch tiles work well in smaller spaces, including bathrooms, hallways and backsplashes. The premium marble creates a modern accent in traditionally-styled rooms. 

Casablanca Carrara & Bardiglio Grey Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

The larger tiles with the Casablanca and Bardiglio Grey create refined checkerboard floor designs for kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. Create a contemporary yet timeless look.  

Casablanca Carrara & Nero Marquina Marble Honed 3″ Mosaic

This classic black and white, small tile checkerboard style is perfect for backsplashes, bathroom floors, shower stalls, fireplaces, balconies and more. Velvet black and feathery white create a fun chessboard effect. 

Casablanca Carrara & Nero Marquina Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

This combination makes a bold statement in larger spaces such as an entry room, kitchen or outdoor living area. Elegant white and distinctive black complement each other and are the perfect backdrop for an all-white or all-black room. 

Calacatta Gold & Bardiglio Grey Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

The regal Calcutta Gold and muted Bardiglio Grey create a more toned-down checkerboard effect. Pull out the gold veining with brass or gold accents to create a stunning living room or dining room design. 

Calacatta Gold & Nero Marquina Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

This mix of Spanish and Italian tiles creates a luxurious checkerboard combination. It is a striking contrast of colors, perfect for a luxury spa, lobby or spacious living area. 

Italian Statuary & Bardiglio Grey Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

The rare Statuary white with Bardiglio grey is an exclusive combination. The grey Bardiglio marble brings out the grey veining in the classic white Statuary. Create a refined aesthetic for any room of your home

Italian Statuary & Nero Marquina Marble Honed 12″x12″ Bundle

This distinctive bright white and silky black union creates a beautiful floor mosaic. Bring flair to any room. 

Design a look that everyone will discuss with Riad’s new collection of checkerboard tiles. 

Please note that lighting, filters and other editing tools may alter the marble shown installed in photographs on social media and online. We advise purchasing samples before placing an order.