How One Design Pro Transformed a Tiny Bathroom with Zellige

Transforming a worn-out space comes with its challenges, but that’s nothing that real estate investment firm @flip_socal can’t handle. With dozens of projects under her belt, Amanda Steinwand knows that quality materials and an eye for detail can make all the difference. 

We love her recent bathroom transformation that shows how a small, dated space can instantly feel inviting and functional with the proper elements. Her use of our Zellige tile in the white design scheme inspires us — a design she chose to open the space, let in the light and add some warmth to a previously drab corner of the house.  


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The Glass is Definitely Full


Small bathrooms can pose a challenge — how do you fit so many elements into a tight space without it feeling cluttered? Amanda found her answer in one of the most versatile bathroom materials: glass. The original room had a small glass shower door flanked by solid wall. 

Between the textured door and the enclosed stall, anyone showering would be lucky to have enough light to see the shampoo. Forget about a tranquil, relaxing experience. In her transformation, Amanda replaced the entire wall adjacent to the shower with floor-to-ceiling glass. Instantly, the area was opened up and flooded with light. Whether you’re standing in the doorway, ready to enter the room or enjoying a nice long shower, this room now feels spacious and airy thanks to this crucial design choice.

When White is Welcoming


Opening up the shower wall flooded the room with light and gave Amanda twice the square footage to use in her room design. The decisions inside the shower now mattered just as much as those outside. Rather than create an accent wall in the shower with a dark or patterned tile, Amanda used white tiles to keep the space light and bright. The floor-to-ceiling installation mimics the glass wall, drawing your eye upward to make a smaller room seem spacious. 

Although the white tile matches the floor and wall color, the texture in the Zellige tile adds depth to the space — vital for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Amanda chose Riad Tile’s Natural White thin Zellige tile for that perfect white that looks welcoming rather than stark. The horizontal placement adds a nice contrast to the other vertical elements in the room and mimics the length of the shower and window.

Small Choices, Big Impact


We love the impact that significant structural and design changes can make. In this small space, the glass wall and white tile color scheme transformed the room from enclosed and dim to spacious and tranquil. But big decisions aren’t the only key to a successful bathroom renovation — the little things matter. Amanda chose to keep the fixtures and finishes simple and uniform since the small space shows everything in a single glance. 

Capitalizing on the barely-there glass wall, Amanda chose matching hardware for the shower and sink in a matte finish that doesn’t distract from the glossy tile. The shower’s clean lines and small handles allow the handmade tile to be the focal point. An understated mirror frame carries the design choices through to the ceiling one last time. Amanda’s choice to use a rounded mirror gives that hint of softness to a space that could otherwise feel cold and crisp with so many straight lines and white elements. It’s the perfect match for the warm wood vanity below.

Sometimes less is more, and with this bathroom transformation, Amanda showed what a difference a few key design choices could make. We love that Zellige tile is versatile enough to make an understated but critical contribution to a small room’s big debut!