Our Zellige Tile at DIG Restaurant is a Feast for the Eyes

East Coast food darling DIG restaurant is known for seasonal scratch cooking, with everything from Avo Grain Bowls to Maple Cider Chicken, Spicy Lime Leaf Salmon, and so much more on the menu. But they’re also known for their yummy style to go along with their delicious plates.

Kaper Design Co.’s Katie Perkins is responsible for some of that, having worked on several of the newest DIG locations — including their latest outpost in downtown Brooklyn.

Photo Courtesy Kaper Design Co. and DIG

Katie is an interior design and brand strategy whiz specializing in food and beverage. For this DIG restaurant, she has created a feast for the eyes in this urban space, using our Zellige tile.

Let’s take a look inside this fun and funky — and minty fresh space.

A Minty Fresh Delight

Photo Courtesy Kaper Design Co. and DIG.

How often do you notice restaurant tile? Probably not all that often — unless it’s powerful enough to make a statement, as it is in this DIG restaurant location.

Not only does this urban haven benefit from the most amazing afternoon light, the restaurant tile may be one of the first things you observe.

We’re especially partial to it because it is our stunning Zellige tile — installed in a mint check pattern. It instantly provides a charming, vintage mood in the space.

A New Take on the Classic Diner

With a fresh play on the traditional black-and-white checkerboard pattern often seen in American diners, Katie put our Emerald Green Zellige 4″x4″ tile and our Natural White 4″x4″ tile to work. The light green-painted columns perfectly complement the richer green hue of the tile.

Photo Courtesy Kaper Design Co. and DIG.

The booth-style seating, the classroom-style tables and chairs, and the round pendant lights amplify the retro flavor even more.

Details Make a Difference

No detail was spared in the design of this DIG restaurant. Our Zellige tile is ready for its close-up — from the minute hungry customers enter and grab a menu.

Photo Courtesy Kaper Design Co. and DIG.

Because Zellige tile is 100% handcrafted and beautifully characterized by its variations and imperfections, it adds a storied, organic warmth to the walls of this space. The inviting appeal is undeniable.

We’re digging it!

If you live in the New York area or nearby, make sure to check out the Brooklyn DIG restaurant and see this minty-fresh delight in real life.

Feeling newly energized to create your own inviting space to dine at home? Scope out all our Zellige tiles here and peruse our Instagram for more ideas.

Make sure to head over to Kaper Design Co’s Instagram page or website to be inspired by more of her innovative food and beverage design work, too!