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Color & Sizes

Ceramic Tiles are handmade, and the size, shape and color does have some variation.

Tile Storage

Make sure all tiles are protected and properly stored leading up to installation. Leave all Ceramic Tiles packed until they are ready to be installed. Store in a dry area, as moisture and freezing temperatures can damage tiles.

Tile Protection

Riad Tile ceramic tiles do not need to be sealed. However, we do recommend using a grout release during installation.

  1. Upon receiving your tiles, carefully inspect your order for any flaws. Riad Tile can’t be held responsible for tiles that have already been installed.

  2. Install over flat, level and stable cured concrete surface or suitable stable sub-floor (such as Hardibacker, Durock or Ditra). Wall installation on drywall is acceptable. Use a high-quality mediumbed mortar to properly set the tiles, such as Laticrete 253 (white).

  3. Using a trowel (.”to .”), evenly apply the thin set mixture to the subfloor. Make sure to apply the mixture in the same direction to prevent the formation of air pockets. Before applying any adhesive to the tiles, wet the back of each tile with a sponge.

  4. Press the tiles into place by hand. Using a mallet or hammer can cause cracks that will worsen over time. Make sure the tiles are as flat as possible, as uneven tiles can’t be ground down properly.

    • Always cover the floors during the installation and curing process. This will prevent potential damage. Keep covered until construction is complete.

  5. Use 1/16” tile spacers to separate and properly space your tiles.

  6. If saw cuts need to be made, only use a water-cooled tile saw.

  7. Once the adhesive has dried apply the grout release. Make sure the tiles are cleaned and dry, apply 1 to 2 coats of grout release to the surface of the tiles.

  8. Apply grout within 1 hour of applying the grout release. Always apply grout to a loose sample tile prior to applying to set tiles, as some grouts can penetrate tiles and result in permanent staining.

    • We recommend using Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA grout.
      NOTE: Dark colored grout is not recommended as it can cause stains on the tile that are difficult to remove.

  9. Allow the grout to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions, typically 48 hours.

  10. After installation, clean the surface thoroughly. Clean regularly with soap and water.

Proper installation and protection of your ceramic tile is very important, and Riad Tile is not responsible for problems that arise due to improper installation or care. Here are additional tips for installation: