Our Zellige Is Now Available in Canada Through Geon Tile

It’s no secret that we love Zellige. One of our bestselling products, our Zellige tile is handmade in Morocco with generations of expertise and considerable care. We take pride in the fact that our Zellige is ethically sourced and authentically made, especially since there are so many copycats on the market today. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we will be partnering with Geon Tile, a cement and encaustic tile manufacturer based out of Canada, to carry our Zellige tile up north. Getting to spread our beautiful Zellige around internationally is a dream come true, and we couldn’t have picked a better partner than Geon. Below are some facts about Zellige, why it’s a must-buy, and why we chose Geon Tile to be our Canadian carrier.

History of Zellige

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Zellige is tried and true when it comes to tile design. This time-tested art has been around for over one thousand years and has been a key component of Moroccan architecture from the medieval period onward. The art of making Zellige is passed down from generation to generation, with master craftsmen often beginning their apprenticeships as children. These tiles are made by glazing a plaster base and hand-chiseling individual tiles–usually from memory. Because this craft is so culturally significant and rich in history, it’s a shame that so many knock-offs are being manufactured and sold en masse. Zellige, by its very nature, cannot be mechanized, and we’re firm believers in paying homage to a craft as well as fairly compensating and uplifting the artists to whom it belongs.

Why You Need It

Zellige is a beautiful addition to any space and will look stunning no matter where it goes. Its one-of-a-kind nature makes it feel like it was picked out just for you (it was!), and nothing can match the unique style of a hand-chiseled tile’s particular beauty. These tiles are great for bathroom walls and floors, showers, kitchen walls, and backsplashes, framing a fireplace, or anywhere that wants to dazzle. A couple of our favorite uses of Zellige are below, but you can visit our website or Instagram for more. 


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Geon Tile

Just like us, Geon Tile is focused on fair wages, ethical conditions, and cultural integrity. They source all of their tiles with the utmost consideration, so we knew we could trust them with our Zellige. Founded by Aaron and Chelsa Brown–who opened a boutique tile shop in Alberta in 2011–Geon was a product of their passion for tile and frustration with the market at that time. Now, along with Dennis Cuku, Chelsea and Aaron Brown have made Geon Tile a sustainable tile business for all of Canada’s encaustic cement tile needs. Chelsea Brown, Geon co-founder, has said that they “met the market need for a beautiful, handmade and sustainable choice” for a Canadian audience, and we’re happy to add our Zellige into the mix. 

Zellige in Canada with Geon Tile

By now it must seem like a no-brainer why we knew, when they reached out to us about carrying our Zellige in Canada, that Geon was the right choice. Coming soon, you will be able to order our Zellige on their website and have it shipped anywhere in Canada. You can contact us or Geon Tile for more information, or follow our respective Instagrams for upcoming news.