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We’re Headed North! Zellige Now Available in Canada

Geon Tile In Canada?
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We’re excited to partner with our friends at Geon Tile to bring the glazed brilliance of Zellige Tile to Canada. As the first distributor to bring authentic Zellige Tile to Canada, we now offer the same stunning glazed terracotta tile known and loved in the US to our northern neighbors.

A relative newcomer to Western interior design and decor, zellige tile has quickly become a mainstay in homes, kitchens, bathrooms and more, lending its amazing visuals to spaces of all different styles. 

About Our Zellige Tile

All of our zellige tile is handcrafted in Morocco according to time-tested methods that date back over 1000 years. Each and every tile is hand-sculpted, glazed, then kiln-fired over olive branches, which burn at an incredible heat. Under the intense olive branch fires, the glaze on each tile hardens in a unique way, with some delivering an intense pearlescent glimmer and others a soft matte finish. The hues tend to vary slightly among each color of zellige, with each existing on a narrow spectrum of dark and light that never deviates too far in either direction. Some tiles exhibit tiny hairline cracks or slight chips, which adds to this type of tile’s rustic charm.