Using the Bold Look of Pink Marble Tile

When you choose the decor for your home, chances are, you’re looking for something that will stand out, proudly declaring your sense of style to everyone who enters. Though the temptation to buy something more conventional and play it safe is always present, we at Riad Tile tend to notice that the people who are happiest with the finished product in their home tend to be the ones who built exactly what they want. After all, life’s too short for boring decor. 

Though our collection is made up of many tiles that can be considered statement pieces, our pink marble tile, which is carved from stunning Norwegian Rose marble, is among our most singular, bold, and exciting. Norwegian Rose is an incredibly unique variety of marble boasting shades of pink, rose, grey, and white in delicate streaks, creating a dynamic combination of lively color and outstanding texture. Though this variety of marble remains somewhat uncommon in the US, the applications we’ve seen our customers create are nothing less than remarkable, proving that this marble is here to stay.  

All that to say, if you love vibrant, natural color and marbled texture, you’re looking for something to break out of boring decor, and you want to create something that both appeals to and exhibits your personal style, pink marble tile might just be the perfect option for you. If you’re not sure if something as distinctive as Norwegian Rose fits you, that’s perfectly fine! Norwegian Rose is a surefire standout wherever it’s placed, and that might not be the best for your current project. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what a few of our customers have done with Norwegian Rose. You might be surprised by its versatility!

Pink Marble Tile in Action

At Riad Tile, our offerings are generally considered to be a bit on the adventurous side, and our pink marble tile is no exception. The designers that use pink marble tile tend to create spaces that are totally unforgettable, with many combining decor from across the stylistic spectrum. There’s a lot of room for experimentation with this tile, which is a major reason we love it so much. Take this bathroom for example, do you really think something this utterly unique would be possible with some more conventional style of tile? We don’t think so!


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Just about every part of this bathroom, which we’ve featured before in its own blog, is an exercise in adventurous design brought together by one incredibly talented designer. From the classically-inspired brass tub and the luxurious fireplace to the mystifying lighting fixture and unprecedented mishmash of tiling, this bathroom has a lot of distinctive bits of decor, which this designer brings together masterfully. But let’s focus for a moment of what the Norwegian Rose marble tile, seen here in 6×12 Subway, brings to the table.

Though this bathroom proudly exhibits some grandiose design elements, at its most basic level, it’s a contrast between warm and cool colors. The intriguing tile flooring and terracotta fireplace, the latter of which happens to use our Snow zellige tile in 2×6, demonstrate cool shades of white, tinted slightly darker by a grey veining and off-white zellige variations, respectively. In a space where the designer is seeking to balance cool colors with warmth, there are a lot of conventional options that work quite well, such as a colorful ceramic tile or brass fixtures, but this designer saw fit to really think outside the box. The use of Norwegian Rose brings a diversity of warm colors that add a unique dimension to the space. The pink delivers a rosy hue to the entire bathroom, while the grey and white veining matches the white tile on either side of it, making the application somehow stand out brilliantly and blend seamlessly. 

Not all applications of Norwegian Rose pink marble tile need to be as bold as this one though. Somewhat surprisingly, this tile can work quite well in more conventional settings, while still lending its signature look:


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This backsplash, composed of Norwegian Rose marble tile in Pickett Mosaic, showcases the rosier side of pink marble tile. In this bathroom’s soft white light, the pink marble tile simply radiates a lovely reddish hue that is both colorful and organic. This coloration is only augmented by the brass fixtures and mirror, which provide delicate accenting to the vibrant color. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this vanity is the simplicity of it. Though it looks like there is a lot going on at first glance, there is really only pink marble, fixtures, and a plain white countertop at play. This vanity is a great example of how sometimes, less is more. You don’t necessarily need a complex interplay of different decor pieces to build an interesting space; all you need is a keen eye for design and perhaps a touch of inspiration.

Though pink marble is often used as the primary source of color in a given space due to its interesting look, it isn’t limited to being used in bright white spaces. It can also provide an exciting dimension in colorful spaces:


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With 5” Hexagon Mosaic Norwegian Rose marble tile on the floor, robin’s egg blue cabinets, and all sorts of decor adorning the walls, this bathroom is absolutely bursting with personality and color. In spaces like this, Norwegian Rose’ dynamic, natural pattern provides a valuable sense of texture that adds touches of light, ultimately brightening the space just enough to set off the color present in this bathroom. 

See Our Marble in Person

Ultimately, how you choose to use pink marble tile is completely up to you. The examples we post are simply to provide you with inspiration and information on how other designers are using this tile. What you do with that is all yours. If you’re interested in seeing any of our polished Norwegian Rose tiles in person, please feel free to order a sample, and we’ll ship directly to your front door!