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Zellige Tile

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Zellige Tile is a time-tested art form that features rich coloration, intricate textures, and complete distinctiveness.

When it comes to decorating your home, nothing is more challenging than creating a classic look all your own. Crafting your own unique style of home decor is difficult enough, but creating a space that features that elusive timeless quality is incredibly challenging, especially when the pace of design trend shifts is taken into account. This is where tradition tends to shine, where classic decor like Zellige tiles stand out.

Like many of Riad’s other offerings, these glazed terracotta tiles have been made nearly the same way for centuries, with the only updates to the process being in the name of quality improvement. The art of Zellige finds its roots as early as 1,300 years ago in modern-day Spain, and over the centuries, it has only improved, both in quality and appearance.

The Art of Zellij

With an extraordinary variety of colors and textures, these Moroccan tiles (traditionally known as“zellij”) have an amazing and always unique appearance. Every single tile has its own character, as the tile-making process yields slightly different results with each tile. The slight imperfections and idiosyncrasies present in the tile-making and finishing process imbue each tile with inimitable color and texture, leading to surprising contrasting colors and a wash of patterns that grace any room they’re applied to.

Riad Tile offers a multitude of fabulous colors of glazed terracotta tiles, from graceful, subdued greys and whites to cheerful, bold light rose and light green, in both 2” x 6” and 4” x 4”.

Our classic Moroccan zellij tile is at home all around the home, from kitchens to bathrooms to entryways. Easy to clean and maintain, they are an excellent addition to kitchens, where messes are common. When applied in the bathroom, these tiles provide a color palette that match or be matched by the rest of the bathroom decor with ease. Zellige tiles make whatever space they are applied to stand out.

Classic Zellige Tiles

At Riad, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and dedication to our artistry. Moroccan Zellige tiles provide our artisans with a unique opportunity to use a time-tested and challenging medium to create their art. Our tiles are composed of unrefined clay, which is hand-kneaded with a bit of water, shaped, carefully dried, and finally, kiln-fired to set each tiles unique appearance. After firing, a glass enamel finish called “biscuit” is applied to the raw tiles, creating a variety of different finishes, ranging from opaque to pearlescent to metallic in nature.

The variety of finish and overall appearance allows these tiles to interact with each other in fascinating ways, creating visuals resembling tranquil, blue seas, swaying green pastures, or breezy lavender fields. These tiles work together to take on appearance far greater than the sum of its parts.

Riad’s Unique Moroccan Tiles

Along with our dedication to artistry, we at Riad Tile work hard to provide our customers premium-quality tile at low prices. The Zellige tile we offer for sale is no exception, exhibiting the focus on our craft that we have become known for. The art of Zellij takes a great deal of time and effort to perfect, and our craftsmen are masters of the process.

Please take some time to explore our tiles! Riad offers an array of rich colors, so you can find the perfect tile to match your space. Please feel free to order a sample any time. Riad Tile offers free local pickup on any order. Contact us if you have any questions about our tiles or our ordering process.