Why Should I Use Marble Subway Tile?

While Riad offers a massive variety of gorgeous tiles from an even wider variety of stylistic backgrounds gathered from various corners of the world, sometimes the classic look of a solid subway tile is all exactly what’s needed to bring a space to life. With it’s clean, simple appearance, subtlety is the real strength of subway tile. But often, a simple design errs too far to the side of caution and ends up just seeming unremarkable or worse, altogether forgettable. That’s why something as simple as subway tile benefits so much from the addition of just the slightest amount of texture, and why marble proves to be such a fantastic material for subway tile.

Riad offers our marble subway tile in several sizes, ranging from delicate 3” by 6” to versatile 4” by 8” to robust 6” by 12”. We source our subway tiles from premium quality marble slabs. We offer these sizes of marble subway tile in both our signature color, Casablanca Carrara, as well as the ever-popular Carrara Bianco. We work hard to provide our customers not only with the high quality they need to create a long-lasting, durable application, but also with the array of options need to help our customers build their perfect space.

We’ve seen marble subway tile used to create amazing spaces across the stylistic spectrum. Whether you’re interested in redoing your entire floor or adding a small accent piece to your kitchen or bathroom, Riad has the perfect marble tile for you.

Marble subway tile is as stylistically versatile as it is elegant, which is a rather rare combination for any piece of decor. It can be used to brighten up an otherwise dark space or add a much needed flair to a naturally bright room using its natural reflectiveness. The choice all yours!

The What and Why of Marble Subway Tile

When you think of elegant tiling, we’re willing to bet that some variation of marble subway tile comes to your mind, and for good reason! Marble subway tiles have stood the test of time, proving themselves to be a worthy design choice as well as a fairly durable material. These tiles have been used in a wide variety of settings for decades, and marble as a building material has been in use even longer.

Marble has been quarried and used as a common building material for thousands of years across countless cultures and countries. India’s Taj Mahal, Greece’s Parthenon, and even the Roman Coliseum all feature marble in some capacity, as it was (and still is!) valued both for beauty and durability. This universal use of marble throughout history reveals just how valuable and useful it is.

As you have probably noticed, today, marble has a significantly more decorative role. Marble slabs are used to create countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom, as well as flooring in some cases, but the way marble is used to its greatest effect is in the creation of tiling. Marble tile is moisture-resistant and, if damaged by some heavy impact, individual tiles are significantly easier and cheaper to replace than entire slabs. Beyond easy replacement, marble tiles also offer the unique “glow” that can only come from the combination of marble and natural light, an incredibly unique feature that many people forget to consider.

The bottom line is: marble subway tiles have all the benefits offered by solid marble slabs with almost none of the drawbacks. Each of our marble tiles are polished to glimmering perfection, demonstrating the absolute best that marble, as a material, has to offer.

An Irreplicable, Organic Visual Style

Marble is one of the most unique and inimitable materials that you can use in your home for several different reasons, a primary reason being its real, organic visual texture. The texture that gives marble subway tile its signature style is formed entirely by the earth. The only thing we do is carefully choose the slab, inspecting for quality and color consistency. Each slab has its own variations in both texture and, in a more subtle way, color. This ensures that, while each set of tiles contains enough similarity to create a perfectly matching application, no 2 tiles will ever be exactly the same. Whenever you order marble subway tile from Riad, each of the tiles will be sourced from the same slab, creating a uniform but exciting visual tapestry.

Marble tile generally features a prominent background color (in the cases of Casablanca Carrara and Carrara Bianco, the background colors are soft white and off-white, respectively) that is contrasted by exquisite veining. Both the primary background color and the veining are incredibly important when selecting the perfect slab, so Riad dedicates a great deal of effort in choosing the which slabs from which to create tile. In addition to inspections for imperfections, we also work hard to make sure each slab is of the highest quality, to better guarantee durability and longevity. Once a slab with the ideal background color is selected, the veining is closely inspected to ensure that it is the right shade for our marble subway tile.

At Riad Tile, we believe that one of the best ways to create a stunning marble tile is to let the marble itself shine, rather than spending time trying to improve on perfection. After the slab is selected and the tile is cut, all that is left is polishing each tile, which brings out and accentuates their natural beauty. In keeping the tilemaking process as simple as possible, we are able to deliver stunning marble tile to our customers that transfer the natural beauty of marble directly to the home with some extra conveniences, such as easy installation and replacement if needed.

No other imitation of marble even comes close to the real thing, and by offering some of the lowest prices on premium quality marble subway tile in the country, we at Riad are working to assure that you don’t have to even consider some cheap imitation. The real thing is within reach and ready to adorn your home with its amazing visual style.

Subtle Colors for Vibrant Spaces

Because home style trends shift so drastically and rapidly, creating a space that reflects your own sense of style can be challenging. Just when you think you have your personal style nailed down, you might look around you and feel that it is time for an update. While some decor can be quickly and easily swapped out, other pieces, like cabinets, large appliances, flooring, and backsplashes, are much harder to change as your personal style changes. For this reason, choosing materials that you will be able to appreciate long-term is paramount.

But hey, we get it, how on earth are you supposed to know what will be in style and what you will like in the next 3, 5, or even 10 years? While there’s really no way of being certain of what the future holds for your interior decorating style, there are some ways you can avoid feeling like you need a major overhaul of your kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom every 2 or 3 years, namely building your space with a solid stylistic foundation, giving you something to build the rest of your space around. Marble subway tile serves outstandingly in this role for several reasons.

Within the home, marble subway tile possesses the rare combination of versatility and elegance. In most cases, these two concepts are pretty distant. Versatility is often associated with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, while elegant decor is often best used in moderation, as too much can make a room seem gaudy. Marble subway tile exists somewhere between the two. Its simple, clean design can be applied to many different spaces and bring the best wherever it is applied. Additionally, our marble tile has a distinct visual property that gives it a unique glimmering appearance, something you can only find in real marble. After being polished, marble has a slight translucence that captures light in way that makes it nearly seem to glow. In rooms with a lot of natural light, marble tile reflects sunlight, instantly adding an air of liveliness and creating an unmatched sense of vibrance. Riad’s marble tile is streaked and speckled with subdued, gentle colors that are at home in a wide variety of applications.

Riad offers two distinct varieties of marble for our subway tile: classic Carrara Bianco and our signature Casablanca Carrara. Carrara Bianco, considered to be an ideal style of marble for tiling and countertops, features a soft white background that is delicately speckled with spots of darker grey. Casablanca Carrara, on the other hand, offers a slightly brighter (but still soft) white background that is streaked with light greys throughout, offering an overall slightly lighter visual than Carrara Bianco.

Both of our styles of marble tile excel in their own applications. Casablanca Carrara, with its more subtle style, might be an excellent addition for a room that features less natural light, using its natural color to brighten up a dimmer space. Carrara Bianco, on the other hand, could be used to accentuate the natural light present in a room, adding a bit more color and texture where needed.

Both of these excellent marble subway tile styles excel in natural light, each offering their own unmistakable glimmer, and thanks to their subdued coloration, they can be used across many different interior decorating styles. We’ve seen our marble tile used in large kitchen flooring applications, on fireplaces, and even as small half-bath backsplashes. Marble subway tile puts the freedom to create your own space in your hands.

What Riad Offers

From the kitchen to the bathroom and from backsplashes to fireplaces, some items of decor never go out of style. While decor that survives and thrives through the trend changes that visit the home every few years is sometimes hard to identify and even harder to find, it’s definitely out there. At Riad Tile, we’ve been fortunate enough to see our customers use these elusive “never-go-out-of-style” pieces in countless different homes, whether in clever reimaginings of classic looks or in completely original ways. We’ve even been fortunate enough to supply some pieces, in the form of our wide variety of timeless tiles, from stellar marble to traditional zellige.

At Riad, we’re passionate about tile. We expend a great deal of effort to provide only the finest products to customers, whether we’re handcrafting the tiles or polishing them to perfection. We believe that the materials you need to create your perfect space should be accessible to you, because we don’t think you should have to settle for lesser materials that won’t give you exactly what you want and are susceptible to damage and fading over time.

Riad Tile has the lowest prices on premium marble subway tile in the country, so you don’t have to settle for less. All of our products are carefully inspected to guarantee quality and consistency. For our marble tile, this means that you don’t have to worry about opening your shipment and finding out that your tile has clearly come from several different sources and don’t match the way they should. As we mentioned above, we carefully source our marble tile from high quality slabs, paying special attention to the texture and color.

We enjoy giving our customers the tools they need to exhibit their creativity, personal tastes, and style, whether by offering the variety needed to select exactly what they want or the ability to order samples and see our tile up close and personal. So whether you’re revamping your home, creating a dream space, or merely adding an accent piece somewhere in your house, we are sure to have the perfect tile for you.

With Riad Tile, you don’t have to wait on your dream space. All you have to do is order a sample and we’ll ship it directly to your doorstep. We offer samples for any and all of our tiles, from marble to cement to zellige to terrazzo. Get started on your perfect project today with Riad Tile.