Tile Flooring: Different Styles and Preferences

Over the years, cement tile has proven to be one of the best materials for floors, both in form and in function. Whether it’s found in bathrooms, entryways, mud rooms, and even some patios, cement tile uses its signature combination of durability and rustic charm to create a sense of movement and add a splash of liveliness.

We’ve seen our tile applied in a wide variety of settings, and we love sharing the creativity exhibited by our customers. Here are just a few of our favorite examples of cement tile flooring!

A Stellar Bathroom Renovation

This use of our Zeus 2013 cement tile on a bathroom renovation is nothing if not brilliant! As seen in this outstanding application, Zeus 2013 can be used to contrast stark white fixtures thanks to its rich pigmentation and artisan-crafted design. This is a perfect example of how tile flooring can take a bathroom from simply above average to oustanding!


A Clean Mud Room

A mud room is an ideal location to showcase how form meets function in cement tile flooring. While a mud room requires a sturdy floor capable of standing up to moisture, dirt, and whatever else can be tracked in from the outdoors, it doesn’t have to take on a drab appearance.

Cement tile doesn’t fade or grow more brittle as time passes. In fact, it hardens and takes on richer color as it continues to cure over time. This application of our Vertex Black tile is sure to last against the elements and look good doing so!


Crafting a Gorgeous Patio Area

Building a solid patio area can be a bit of a challenge, but in certain situation, cement tile flooring might be exactly what is needed. Now, cement tile flooring for patios isn’t for everyone, as it doesn’t do well in regions that experience frost or ice of any kind. But, it stands up to heat and sunlight quite well! On this patio, our Vertex Black tile is placed in a different configuration than in the mud room shown above, demonstrating how a different orientation can allow a tile to take on a completely different appearance!

Riad’s Options for Tile Flooring

At Riad, we love nothing more than enjoying our customer’s creativity and vision in their homes. In fact, one of our favorite things about tile flooring is that it provides a unique avenue to explore different tastes in interior decoration. As you saw above, the same style of tile can be used in such different ways that they seem to take on a character all their own.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what cement tile has to offer, please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you’re interested in a specific tile or tiles, don’t hesitate to order a sample today!