This Bathroom Renovation is Full of Rustic Farmhouse Charm

In the digital age, most people turn to their favorite social media influencers for inspiration when renovating their homes. Once you’ve found the right look for your renovation, the hard part begins: how to recreate it without breaking the bank.

This week’s customer spotlight focuses on Hannah of Thistle Harvest, who created the perfect solution for her bathroom renovation that’s chic, trendy, and affordable. Whether you’re renovating part of your bathroom or the entire thing, this design by Thistle Harvest will give you some excellent ideas to get started. 

Our 2×6 Snow White Zellige tiles are the star of this newly-renovated shower, creating an elegant and timeless tiled wall.

Our Zellige tiles are created using a centuries-old Moroccan tradition, proving their timeless and enduring nature. These Zellige tiles are also unique because they are 100% hand-crafted, meaning each drip, imperfection, and beautiful irregularity enhances their one-of-a-kind look. 

The white tile pairs well with brushed gold shower fixtures but provide a neutral palette for any finishes.

If you want to create a monochromatic look in your bathroom, as Thistle Harvest has done, our Snow White Zellige Moroccan tiles are the perfect addition. 

These white Moroccan tiles are just the proper brightness to pair wonderfully with any darker wood you wish to put in your bathroom, as Hannah has done. Darker wood will nicely complement the monochromatic look you’re going for and add rustic, farmhouse flair. Not only does using our tile help create a monochromatic look with ease, but it also gives you the freedom to add pops of colors while adding accessories to make the bathroom your own. 

Renovations take time, but the outcomes are worth it. Hopefully, this week’s customer spotlight inspired you with your ideas for renovations that you can begin whenever you want. Continue checking our blog for tile inspirations. Follow us on Instagram @riadtile and tag us in your tile creations.