This Bar Is a Ceramic Wonderland: Bar Eden’s Moroccan-Inspired Paradise

Instagram and TikTok darling Bar Eden in Dallas has been making waves — and flourishing — since its opening day. One glance at the indoor-outdoor, Moroccan-inspired hotspot, and you’ll soon discover why. 

As the little sister lounge and cocktail bar to Paradiso — a Bishop Arts District restaurant favorite — this place follows in its big sibling’s footsteps with its unmatched style and highly curated menu of shaken-and-stirred-and-muddled-to-perfection drinks. (We’ll have the Fountain of Youth — made with ube stardust, fino sherry, English gin, Meyer and eureka lemon, cane sugar, and brut champagne.)

But what we love most about stepping into Eden — even more than that Fountain of Youth — is the ceramic tile wonderland, designed by Riad Tile, that sets the scene for this little slice of nirvana.


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Mix-and-Match Delights

One of the more unexpected design features of the stunning ceramic tile in Bar Eden is the proper variety show it delivers. There’s no room for matchy-matchy here. 

Riad Tile was delighted to break all the rules and mix a grab bag of patterns, colors, and textures to design all the bold motifs in this space. Each ceramic tile acts as a mini art canvas, generating a feast for the eyes throughout.

Moon and stars on the outdoor patio mingle with rainbow-inspired arches at the bar with an extravaganza of geometric shapes spotted across the ceramic floor tiles.

An Immersive Experience

The design visionaries at Riad Tile hand-selected and custom-designed every single tile in Bar Eden to have nothing short of a transformative — and transporting — effect.

It’s hard to imagine what this destination would be without the ceramics; indeed, the tile is owed much of the credit for contributing to the immersive experience that takes guests to Morocco by way of Dallas. 


A design project or renovation involving ceramic tile replacement can transform your space and create your own “Eden,” too. 

From audacious patterns to dimensional effects and hand-painted styles, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the artistry of ceramic tile. Riad Tile has so many options — each with their metamorphic quality, including:

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