The Versatile Look of Marble Tile

From creating fascinating flooring to adding color and texture to a kitchen, well-placed tile can completely reinvent the appearance of any space. Different tiles might be used brighten up a dim room, enhance interior decorating style, or even provide a unique centerpiece, while some tile varieties, such as marble tile, are versatile enough to accomplish all three.

Riad’s Marble Tile, new for 2019, is the perfect way to integrate the one-of-a-kind appearance of marble to your home. Our signature marble tile boasts a soft white background gently streaked with both light and dark greys. This rich coloration, called Casablanca Carrara, fully displays all of the best qualities of marble, such as its rich luster and hue uniformity. We offer our Casablanca Carrara marble tile in several unique shapes and sizes, providing the variety needed to fit whatever application you have in mind.

An Elegant Tile Option

When it comes to visual style, marble tile truly occupies its own space. There is nothing else that emulates the effect of marble tile, and even pictures don’t do it justice. Marble tile owes its appearance to a couple of factors, one being the slab from which the tile is cut and the other being the unique honing process.

Marble slabs are massive and provide the raw materials used to compose marble tiles. Riad works closely with our vendors to ensure that our tiles are cut from high-quality slabs with relatively uniform colors and patterns. Once cut from the slabs, the tiles are honed-down, providing them with an iridescence that seems to glow when placed in the right light. Marble tile thrives in natural light, and instantly brightens any room in which it is applied.

Riad’s Exquisite Marble Tile

At Riad, we love nothing more than giving our customers new ways to exercise their creativity and decor vision. That’s why we offer our Casablanca Carrara marble tile in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from delicate and intricate to bold and no-nonsense. Each of these different styles features the same rich coloration, the same high-quality marble, and the same careful honing. We offer:

Marble Subway Tile

3 x 6”

4 x 8”

6 x 12”


Marble Mosaic Tile

1 x 4” Herringbone

2” Hexagon

5” Hexagon


This variety of sizes allows out customers to choose the perfect tile to fit their application. For example, if you were building a small backsplash around a guest bathroom sink, you could choose a more delicate tile, like 3 x 6” subway or 2” hexagon. If instead, you were looking to build a bigger backsplash in your kitchen to protect against spatters and spills, something larger like 4 x 8” or 6 x 12” subway tile might fit the bill a bit better. Regardless of your application, Riad carries the right style of marble tile to fit your unique space.

Like we said above, marble tile is definitely best appreciated in person, as photos don’t fully capture its stunning radiance. Please feel free to order a sample today, or contact us with any questions you might have about our marble tile.