The New East Dallas Restaurant Goes ‘Cosmic Country’ with Riad Tile

East Dallas has a new kid on the block — and it’s a feast for all the senses.

Birdie’s Eastside is the culinary brainchild of restaurateur Jon Alexis, who saw serious potential in the former site of a Luby’s that had been serving up cafeteria-style food for three decades.

The newly opened restaurant is also the product of visionary genius Hatsumi Kuzuu, an East Dallas-based designer who envisioned a “cosmic country” look that takes inspiration from Texas history and Marfa along with the “funky uniqueness” of the neighborhood.

The boho vibes are impeccable, and so is the bold palette. But what delights us the most is seeing Riad Tile on the design menu — and being featured in a Texas Monthly article about this exciting new dining destination.

A Cocktail Bar That Dazzles

While Birdie’s Eastside’s entire 2.2-acre indoor-outdoor expanse is impressive, we’re particularly fond of the midcentury-mod cocktail bar, where our tile comes out to play. 

In the space is a combination of our  Breeze Block – Sun and  2”x8” Blue Cement Tile,, along with custom ceramic tile created especially for this project.

Iconic to midcentury style, breeze blocks have often been used outside because they allow for ventilation while offering privacy and structural support. But they also can be used inside! Here, their vintage-mod spirit is the star of the show, adding so much flavor to the lower bar façade wall.

The restaurant palette relies on bright turquoise and saturated blue hues. Our 2”x8” Blue Cement Tile, in partnership with our custom ceramic tile, complements and balances the bold tones and rustic wood used throughout the distinct spaces.

A Menu That Delights

While the boho design of Birdie’s Eastside is undeniably delicious, with the most fabulous cocktail bar, the cathedral-pitched dining room, and adjoining resort-style 7,000-square-foot patio, the menu is entirely crave-worthy, too.

For Alexis, it’s all about taking cues from the space’s former cafeteria fare and upgrading it with an elevated yet entirely approachable attitude. It’s also about southern comfort, with can’t-resist loaded waffle fries, smash burgers, shrimp and grits, brisket tacos, flat-iron steak, and so much more.

Desserts like soft serve sundaes with rainbow sprinkles, red velvet whoopie pies, and classic chocolate cake will bring out the kid in everyone and are perfectly suited to the vibrant-fun restaurant design.

If you’re anywhere near Dallas, swing by Birdie’s Eastside for its dinner and its design. You can read more about this new dining destination in this Texas Monthly article.

Birdie’s Eastside isn’t the only culinary cool-kid in Dallas that Riad Tile has outfitted! Check out Bishop Arts District for more Dallas restaurant tile that’s just as good as the food.