Motivation for Starting Your Next Project

Do you take a look around your house and feel like you might be in a creative rut? You might walk into your kitchen and see walls that you’ve been hoping to repaint for a few years, or cabinets that you’ve been planning to redo. Or maybe you’re taking the time to look at the half-bath and noticing that the color schemes and decor that you’ve never been a big fan of in the first place have only grown dingier over time. As time passes, it’s easy to let those renovation projects that you envisioned fall by the wayside. After all, tackling a new interior design project is quite an investment in time, money, and creative energy, any of which might seem in short supply on a given day. 

As just about any DIYer can tell you, a lot of times, the hardest part about redoing an area of your home is getting the ball rolling. Once you’ve actually taken the necessary measurements, made a cohesive plan, and purchased materials, the actual execution tends to fly by. You might run into hurdles now and then, but once you start constructing something, the process gets a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, the first step is still always the hardest. So how do you go about getting the momentum you need to get started? We find that the best motivator is excitement, and the best way to hype yourself up for a renovation is by ensuring what you’re working on will be something you really enjoy. As we all know, it’s much easier to do the hard work of concepting and planning if you’re actually looking forward to the end result, and our bold tiling, like pink marble tile or zellige, can help you get there. 

Building Something Just for You

At Riad Tile, we’ve seen our tiles used in just about every setting and style. From mid-century to modern country and traditional to minimalist, our tiling can be used in just about any situation, provided that the designer has a good eye for opportunity. When a material is relatively new or untested, there’s a lot of room to try new and different arrangements, which often leads to singular and wholly unique applications. We believe that efforts like these make up the backbone of interior design. That’s what we like to focus on when offering materials like our Norwegian Rose marble tiles


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Pink marble tile, like our Norwegian Rose marble tile offerings, can be brought into many different spaces, simply because there is a lack of precedent in how this variety of marble should be used. This uncommon type of marble is just now appearing in a way that could be considered approaching the mainstream, meaning that there is plenty of room for experimentation in its use. The lack of context for pink marble tile can be seen as a positive or negative, depending on who you ask. Some might see the precious few examples of Norwegian Rose being used in the home and wonder whether or not the uses will stand up to the test of time, while others applaud the bold applications and dedication to being a tastemaker when it comes to using new decor. We at Riad Tile tend to fall into the latter camp. We don’t think that anyone should have to settle for less or for boring, so we encourage people to build exactly what they want using bold materials that they enjoy first and foremost. 

Pink Marble Tile in Action

Our Norwegian Rose marble tile is available in several of the most popular configurations for marble tile, including Subway Tile, Diamond Mosaic, Pickett Mosaic, Hexagon, and Herringbone. Each of these variations have proven to be incredibly popular for many different purposes. The smaller, more delicate orientations, such as Herringbone or Pickett, are often used for small backsplashes or shower alcoves, while the intricacies of Diamond Mosaic have proven to be well-suited for similar tasks as well as bathroom and shower flooring. Of course, the classic and always bold Subway Tile, available in a robust 6×12” size, is at home in all sorts of situations, ranging from shower walls to larger backsplashes. 

With colors as lively as the pinks and rosy hues present in this variety of marble, it might be a bit difficult to visualize what this tile looks like after being added to a space. Fortunately, fabulous designers like Simply Grove are a constant source of excellent visual aids for us!


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This vanity provides an ideal look into the beauty of pink marble tile when combined with warm light. These bulbs were the perfect choice for this space, bringing out the darker shades of the tile to match up with the bronze-colored fixtures and mirror. The grey and white streaks present in Norwegian Rose are also an amazing match for the simply white countertop. All-in-all, this vanity leans heavily on simplicity, letting this amazing tile just look its best.

Explore Your Tastes with Riad Tile

As excited about Norwegian Rose as we are, it’s just one of the many stunning varieties of tile we keep in stock. We also proudly offer zellige, encaustic cement, and terrazzo tile, all of which are handcrafted by artisans, as well as other varieties of marble. We work hard to keep our prices low to make our high-end products accessible for the average person, because we don’t think you should ever have to settle for anything other than the real thing. If you’re interested in seeing any of our tiles in person, please feel free to order a sample, and we’ll ship directly to your front door.