Sleek Black and White Tile

There are many different ways to liven up a room. You might look at new furniture, you might consider adding small items of décor, or you might even consider switching the whole to a different color palette altogether. But all of these decisions have one thing in common: they are relatively temporary. New furniture will eventually wear out or go out style, small décor items might not match other changes, and you very well may tire of your colors you chose for the room.

Black and white cement tile is the perfect choice to stand up to the constantly-shifting nature of interior design. With its neutral pigmentation and entrancing design, our black and white tile is perfect for even the most dynamic interior decorator.

Going Beyond Matching

Wherever it’s applied, cement tile seems to stand out. This is due to the elegant, hand-pressed patterns each tile showcases which work together to create a tapestry of movement that simply can’t be replicated. But this doesn’t mean that it will overshadow your other décor. In fact, black and white tile goes beyond matching, actually complementing your chosen style of interior decoration.

The beauty of black and white when used in cement tile is that it matches a wider variety of interior decorating styles and colors than, say, a bright pink tile. (If you’re looking for bright pink or other colorful tiles, don’t worry. We have those too!) So when you decide to update the rest of your décor, you don’t have to worry about constantly factoring in how your chosen items will interact with the tile. And with a pedigree dating back hundreds of years, cement tile has proven time and time again that it will never go out of style.

A Few of Our Different Offerings

No matter your tastes, we are sure to have a black and white tile that fits the bill! We offer several different tile shapes and many unique patterns, all in black and white, to fit wherever you decide to place them.

  1. Our Havana Black tile is inspired by traditional Cuban tiles but features several modern twists. With its intricate yet hypnotic pattern, this tile has proven to be a favorite of ours and our customers’.
  2. Zanzibar Black is a slightly more modern design that creates a big, gorgeous pattern perfect for a variety of larger-scale settings. Its unique shape is the perfect way to build a standout patio or an unforgettable bathroom.
  3. Nola Black, one of our hexagonal tiles, can create several different patterns depending on how it’s applied. It really lets our customers show off their creativity, and we’re always happy to see the new and exciting ways people think to use Nola Black.

A brand new tile floor, backsplash, patio, or bathroom awaits you! Take a look at more of our black and white tiling options here, and feel free to order a sample anytime!