Simply Grove Blog About Our Cement Tile

Our Cement Tile is Making Waves

Our team works extraordinarily hard to make sure each and every tile is up to our high standards, so when we’re acknowledged for our efforts, we’re always incredibly grateful. Simply Grove recently recognized our tile as “the best cement tile around,” noting our affordability as well as our craftsmanship and versatility. We couldn’t be more proud of our work, and just want to extend a special thank-you to Simply Grove for the kind words. We’re thrilled at how much someone with your décor experience enjoys our work and the care we put into our custom designs.

A Window into Our Process

Though each of our tiles features one of our custom designs, one of the most important ways we ensure our quality is by hand-making every single one of our cement tiles. A typical cement tile is composed of several distinct layers, and we craft each layer by hand in order to ensure quality, consistency, and uniqueness.

The first layer can really make or break an individual tile. This layer determines a great deal of the quality and appearance of the tile and is wholly dependent on the expertise of the craftsman. It is composed of a mixture of fine Portland cement (limestone), powdered white marble, and natural colorants. In this stage, our designs are implemented and our craftsmen really shine, as different mixes of ingredients create our signature unique colors and textures. This step is what makes our tiles truly unique, showing off our custom designs and our team’s skill in pigmentation and pattern. After these ingredients are mixed together and carefully poured into a specially made mold, they are allowed to set before adding the second layer.

The next layer, while having less effect on the color and texture of the tile, is every bit as important and requires a great deal of skill. This layer is composed of the same basic concrete components as the first, but uses a courser aggregate than the Portland cement, which gives the tile its signature durability and hardness. This step also helps further set the fine cement in the first layer, holding the color and texture in place. After the layers are stacked, the entire tile is pressed together by a press (What a surprise!) Once the tile is fully pieced together, it is allowed to cure and harden for up to 4 weeks before going to our customers.

Though tile-making is labor-intensive and requires a great deal of care, we take a great deal of pride in our work. The only thing more rewarding than seeing one of our tiles come out perfectly is finding out when people enjoy our designs and the care we put into each one. So again, thanks so much to Simply Grove for the support! We’re ecstatic about your recommendation!